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Sabika H Jan 1
Tell me my purpose
If I was dead before I was born,
And will die when I am dead.

If death is immortal,
Yet life is frail,

Tell me why I am here
In my joy,
My fury,
My agony.

I suffer,
I change.
I am pushed to my limits and beyond
Burdened with freedom and empathy.

Tell me why I feel such emotions
That last
And alas
Here I am

This is why I’m here.
This is why you’re here.

“Give me hell,
Give me heaven,
All your visions of life.”
OC Sep 2019
The truth is
There’s always dishes to do
a floor to mop up
a phone call to make
food to cook
fences to paint
people to see
about a dog, about a cat

About a life
you never own up to
because of all the little hurdles
all the small achievements
you rake in your confined Zen garden
neatly piling skipping stones
as if boulders don’t exist outside
as if there’s no mountains that require scaling
as if the big issues
Who you are? Why you are? When will you be?
are not looming over in the distance
casting shadow in the twilight of your days

The truth is
all these notches on your belt
are the sum effort of your laying lows
the trophies for your standing stills
the “what if”s you stifle into the pillow
because you know the odds
never scale with the effort

Truth is
minimal struggle dictates the average
but you decide on the endeavor
blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit the barrens
13th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics (for details, read the first one in the series here: Shared this with a struggling friend recently, let him know we all struggle.

For more information:

Thoughts and comments are always welcome
Joyce Jul 2019
i wrote and wrote
spilled black ink on the paper
and watched it dry with the spilled crystals on my cheek
i laughed and laughed
at the lovely memories stuck on repeat
and the foolish things i did
perhaps i wasn't the same person i was before
and i'm thankful for that
c Feb 2019
Anyone’s a phoenix
Until they lose
Their fire
In the ashes
Of who they were
JK Oct 2018
Holding the compass of uncertainties,
Carrying the baggage of memories,
The drifter is drifting along with the tides…

Without boundaries or borders,
Floating with the moment,
The drifter is weaving timeless dreams…

Playing with the shadow and light,
Swinging with the hands of time,
Unbound in the truth of freedom,
The drifter is living in the moment…

The journey of love and joy,
Build in every pause life takes,
Never holding back the voyage,
The drifter survives in the passion…

Miles and milestones left behind,
The strides always ahead of the past,
Moving forward in the distance,
The drifter fades between the lines of present and future…

Jayakumar K
Drifting with the time and space, a lonely drifter treaded along...
Aditya Sep 2018
When the world failed to Console,
A Reflection revealed my Soul.
I was Oblivious of where I'd been,
Until I finally looked WITHIN.
c May 2018
If we could see
What windows can see
As they gaze out into the night,
Would we stand there amazed?
Perplexed and quite dazed?
Or simply be filled with a fright?

The windows reflect us,
Their glass won't perfect us,
But still we have reason to stare.
Because windows they show you
Yourself like they know you,
And unknown they catch all unaware
Brandi R Lowry Aug 2017
As echoes and whispers
Begin to change
And sound and silence
Become the same
I look back
From where I came
And find solice
In everything
I need a lover, a mirror, a reflector
to see me truly.
I need you.

I need an army, a battalion, a fortress
to fight my battles.
I need you.

I need the world to lay quiet for a day,
For an hour,
Til I find you.

I need life to chose sides, and always
Pick me
First, above all.

I need you
Lover, friend to always be there,
Reside with me, bid with me, side with me
I need you.

Who would that be,
You must know by now.
The you of this world
Has got to be me.
                      -Nov, 1989
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