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Hey, remember me?
Okay. Dumb quesion, I know.

But really, can you see the past?
Let me refresh your memory:

Nineteen my age currently.
Feuerstein a favorite artist.

College adventures, ring a bell?
Marriage? Yeah, I’m still clueless.

Social awkwardness – still here.
Confidential is so much about me.

I am happy in this season.
Why? Yeah, I have questions, too.

Enough about me, on to you.
Scruff needs to stay, bro.

I’m telling you, high expectations.
Prime, that’s what they call you.

Success? Don’t stress it.
Yes, but don’t be lazy.

Above all, rest in God,
Love Him more than any.

Don’t worry about your image,
Important is God’s opinion only.

Selfishly I pray for you, but
Discursively flutter my thoughts.

Can I say it any other way?
Plan only on God’s plan.

Work out to become muscular,
**** you would become.

All I can ask for is spiritual strength,
Fall not from your faith.

Inverted, my sentences lose meaning.
Sorted my ideas attempt to stay.

Rhymes are so much fun,
Pastimes begun that go on.

This has been my letter to you,
Analysis reveals my true heart.

We are different people, but
Colloquy unipersonal this has been.

Wisdom, none have I to share, but
Boredom leads to depression.

Don’t forget where you came from,
Enthroned – never was, never will be.

Slip back into your shell,
Leadership will be abandoned.

Purpose to be fully fulfilled,
Earnest must be my attitude.

Stop hiding behind your shadow,
Swap my fear for God’s courage.

Fear is healthy, but in moderation,
Pioneer the unknown and conquer.

Treat others as more important,
Obsolete is a safe place to humbly be.

In conclusion, I expect a lot of me,
Chin up, turn the cheek, smile often!

Live for God, Glorify Him,
Corroborative to my existence He is.
inverse rhymes
alone in my room
and a blessing it is
to put away my masks
in solitary comfort
peace and freedom
to be exactly who i am
in this moment
F A Pacelli May 11
arms and legs bound
trapped in a pine box
gasping for air
a feeling that chokes my gut
when a moment of solitude
escapes me
Kai Apr 29
"It's a beautiful day out"
mum says with a sigh
as I turn to look at her with doubt
the screen reflects in the corner of my eye

"I'd rather not"
I say as I turn away
"outside is danger fraught"
I don't want to stray

from the safety of my game
were others understand
and there is no shame
to being a bit bland
Was sitting in history and asked my classmate for a subject to wright a poem on. They said video games so here it is. It's kind of weird, sorry I guess. It's kind of about how people you hang out with on the internet can be so much nicer and understanding then anyone in real life. Then again they can be so much worse too... *Shrugs*
Rickey Spence Apr 25

When I feel like hanging out,
Everyone is out and about.
But when I need to get away,
They all seem to want to stay.

God bless my introversion,
Because the other way is confusion.
I dislike the way I am,
Don’t compare me to a clam!

You’ve got me wrong,
Though at times I look strong;
Inside, I’m contorted into a wince,
Praying constantly for more competence.

At the end of a long day of stress,
I sit and mull it over – attempt progress.
I wonder why I am so put-down,
Feels like I’m on the edge of breakdown.

Then I think of the days previous,
Everything becomes obvious.
I need breaks from people,
That’s always been the principle.

In the moment, it’s easy to slip up,
And think I can do this ’til sunup.
But I am weak when it all comes,
I quickly forget my problems.

I have unlimited limitations,
It’s hard to turn down invitations.
People can’t expect much from me,
But I can’t just blame my anatomy.

It seems a daily and vicious cycle
Splurge and crash, it’s becoming critical.
Balance doesn’t seem practical,
Why am I so hypocritical?
Tommy Randell Jan 31
To Be Risk Averse
Or To Choose To Risk A Verse -
To be Introverse ?
Introverse / Introversion ? Thankfully we can make up the words we need.
Dustin Dean Dec 2018
Is it to age like a fine wine
If alone, you need to dine?
I find as I get older so
That friends sink me low
So I sit alone in my room
Surrounded with doom
Waiting and wondering
Wishing and wanting
As I float on by
Passing through colors
Some bright, others awry

And all the while
The river, it stops
For no one
It just gently goes
Tunnel through tunnel
Thought through thought
As we carelessly
And recklessly
Float on by
Introversion is not a disease,
Please don't pity me when you find me sitting on my own.
Believe me when I say i'm happy on my own,
I appreciate your company but I love more time with me.
I've spent less time with myself and I realised it did me no good.
Do not feel bad for me,
Introversion is not a disease..
I let solidarity guide me
no chasing, no idling
just perfect timing between the framing
the snapshots I'll always remember
the regret that I'll never forget.
Preoccupied pressing forward and rewind
I forget that in these moments I should be alone
searching for an altar to pray
to find directions to a way
to bring me out of myself
and into someone else.
Tanay Sengupta May 2018
Let it be grey.
It has never rained like this before,
I like it this way.

I don't care if it is night or day.
For all the times I have felt sore,
Let it be grey.

They will not come today.
No one will knock the door,
I like it this way.

There is nothing for me to say.
I want to listen to the clouds roar,
Let it be grey.

The wind whistles my stress away.
And I have nothing to cry for,
I like it this way.

My mind wanders away.
My eyes marvel at the downpour,
Let it be grey.
I like it this way.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
I leave this poem to your perception. Feel free to interpret it the way you want to. Happy reading!
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