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Hera Jun 23
Saw you waiting for her,
Saw you fighting for her,
While me,
Busy waiting for you,
Been wanting to be with you,
Even if I wait million years,
Black won't ever turn into blue.
idletown May 11
drunk on a feeling we know wont last

knowing the end is near

closing our eyes pretending we dont see it

u hear the glass shaterring hearts breaking

its something we cant let go of

its what i have been living for

how do we leave it when its all we need

i am under a spell

when i see u under the stars i forget about the troubles in the world

i forget about i have been through

why cant we stop the time

lay here with me until my breathing stops

i wanna make u smile when u are crying remembering the people that hurt u

i wanna hold ur hand when it gets cold

i wanna find u

wanna spend all my time with u

i miss u even tho i have never met u

wonder if we will ever meet 

just know i have loved u longer than u can imagine 

longed for u more than u think
Ysabelle Apr 4
We are not destined for prosperity.
Of this, I am sure.
Our destiny is akin to the butchers calf.
But, if you'd allow me.
Just one naive wish.
One human desire.
I ask for happiness.
For old age and pained limbs.
For many years of arguing and conflict.
For struggle and hunger.
Give me years.
If not prosperity give me this.
crunchie, izi, I may be in love with you. But you don't have to know that.
Sasevardhni Jan 28
Oh, dear, how have you been?
It has been weeks that we last met,
I can see that your mind is set,
I have nothing to argue, I bet.

I have a long list of our memories,
Which I will forget soon,
As forgetfulness is my God-given boon.
I could hardly recollect your jingles now.

I  did break up with you on that evening,
As I realised, you would leave me in the midst,
I left you in advance, developing a brain cyst.
When I realised I shouldn’t have done so,
My brain did not stop my heart from stopping to meet you.

You said it was too late to convince.
Ah, a matter of a tweaky week was too late….
I missed you from the bottom of my heart.
Cancelled all my schedule and drove to your place to sort out.

You raged that  I tortured you to the core,
You snapped your fingers at me,
You hit yourself to hurt me,
You walked out in the field away from me.

I regretted to have left you,
When you needed me

I ended up meeting you,
I pleaded, begged and requested to you to get back to me.
All you could do was,
Push me away in the same place where you held me by your hands.
I now wish my arm to have had been pincers.

That was the night I realised,
Love has got a lot to do with ego and self-respect than love itself.
Should love be romanticised!
Should the pain in love be romanticised?
While in romance, romance has pain in itself.
Tony Dec 2018
I must give you fair warning as I sit here contemplating my life
That I am no artist able to cast light and shadow
with the whiskers of a brush
so, I must use words to paint you a picture  
of the inside of this broken man’s soul.

Feminine Beauty with hair of night
Seduction is your name and
Romance your contest of choice
You may deal your cards
In this game of chance called life as
I sit here alone upon the corner stool

Love peers in through the sunlit window
Glances my way and moves on as
Seduction lays out her cards of fate.

Loneliness consumes my thoughts
Though none who might observe me will see it
As my thoughts linger among the shadows of my life

None but my close friend destiny
knows of the battles that I have fought
Upon the playground of life
Some won and some lost

Sweet seduction
My heart lies broken
Trampled under the high heels
Of too many a pretty face.

So, my former sweetheart
Romance can no longer entice me
Nor your twin sister flirtation
arouse me.

Notice that I drink water and not wine
For my broken spirit, has not even the strength
To seek solace in that comforter of broken dreams

With no soul
No meaning in my life
Time slips ever faster across
my lost hopes and forgotten dreams
So forgive me lovely temptress of men’s fate
If I choose to let your cards lie where you have cast them
And walk away.

Years ago, I would have stayed
and enjoyed the game
but then a sister of yours came
to rip out my heart and soul

Who was she? you ask

True love was her name.
Tati Sep 2018
The lavenders sing your name
every time I walk by
It makes me want to run and scream in the other direction
“No! Stop saying his name!” I cry
The lavenders giggle,
for they will not stop
I changed my route, as I would die if I heard their euphoric chants anymore
One day i realize
“I cannot change my daily routine and way of living over a boy who will never love me in a million years”
And so
I go back to scold the lavenders for their taunts
But they are gone
And so are you
Angela Rose Oct 2017
Follow the rabbit he will take you to happiness
Do not be late, do not miss that date
You could get lost in a sea of confusion
You would be deceived by the ostensible outlook

You could go fetch seven little men
You could be the fairest of them all
Beware of the deep and everlasting sleep
You would be deceived by the apple's red color

Worry about the petals, they are falling so quickly
He will be stuck that forever if you cannot make him love you
Keep an eye on the rose, it is far too beautiful to let go
You will be deceived by the appearance of a beast

Stuck in a tower, do not ever look down
Grow out your hair past the tall brick walls
Spot a good man, make him rescue your heart
You would be deceived by the family relations

Cleaning the bathroom, making the bed
Sneak out to town, be invited to a dance
"Fairy Godmother, please just give me once chance"
You would be deceived by the loss of one shoe

So waiting, I am waiting for an answer to come
Looking for one man to be the one that I want
A fairy-tale ending is nothing I am after
For I would be deceived by the misinterpretations of the story
This little poem is something I wrote back in high-school, but is one of the pieces I am most proud of and most impressed with myself over.
Styles Sep 2016
Drink my words
like water
let them flow
through your mind
like a river
waves of pleasure
throughout you
revealing thoughts
yet to be exposed
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