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Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Everyone per se is a money buyer
Without money no survival
Some buy money
Selling their talent
Some by creative intelligence
Some by manual labour
Some by physical skills
Some by running businesses
Some by running industries
Some by horse trading
Some by cheating
Some by beating
There are myriad ways of buying money
Most efficient being a political leader
Least tiring being a
Beggars don't accept in kind
They need money in hand
After all they need to buy a bottle
They can't ask for it in the open
For buying money
You have to put some effort as a price
Hard work to begging
Everyone per se is a money buyer
It's just a satire!
UA Slam Aug 2020
Throw me in a shark tank,
Walk me through a field of thorns,
Lay me down on train tracks,
Punch my back so hard it burns,
Tear apart my photo books,
Tell me that I’m dumb,
Stab me with assumptions,
Steal my only source of income,
Burn all of my clothing,
Lie directly to my face,
Point a pistol at my head
and then Kick me till I bleed,
Strip me of my dignity,
Start a war inside my head,
Leave me without gravity,
Assume that I am brain dead,
Mislead my intuition,
Send a massive tidal wave,
Manifest my music
and watch my heart concave,
Then wait for me to fight back,
Watch me win the war of good,
Clambering to my feet I strike the mighty blow
and through my heart it pierces,
I have killed the enemy of man.
For when we think we are invincible we lose the upper hand.
Skylar Aug 2020
When facing the grim reality...
Beauty is thy best mirage;
Betrayal is thy best camouflage;
Intelligence is thy best entourage;
Friends are thy best collage;
You are thy best montage.
I was experimenting on mixing Middle English with modern English.
Orakhal Aug 2020
Life knows something you don't
and its telling you

as you stop knowing something life does'nt
Orakhal Aug 2020
bes a wider vision

not a more of it

one cant force more to a full glass
one can transfer content to a larger vessel
Orakhal Aug 2020
As you love me
you never miss me
for you created me to love
it bes that simple for kreators knowing they create all they experience and drop the belief  others have created or be creating for them
Orakhal Jul 2020
Cook in the chest space
Eat in the head space

Feed the belly
not the mouth
and all will be well
Orakhal Jul 2020
Above below
below above be conceptual

space bes space bes space

emotions bes light and heavy to a body
depending on the vibe rate spin and velocity

belief bes emotional re solve
not mental resolution capturing essence to the imagination

this bes the best way to gauge a vibe rate sign to nature

The Shake to any object or form
moves its vibrational content
in unison to that shaking it

This bes as emotion bes in the human body

moved by alls vibrational spill
Alex Jul 2020
I am  interested,
At world's unknown...
And the endless universe,
I am hooked at intelligence,
Beyond person's mind,
Books fascinates me,
Each print out letters,
Bid words,
I maybe not known,
Or something peculiar for me,
Yet i'll read those letters,
Knowledge is something urges me,
To learn something new,
Not the only thing i've been knew,
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