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Safana Jul 20
I see a sign...
On the face of innocence
as if it were a dark, rainy cloud.
Safana Jul 20
Well! We were flooded.
When we can't be the cap
To stop the irritability
which caused our hearts to rust.
We went there to do many things.
These could be good or otherwise.
Such as praising and gossiping
Between the east and the west
As in the north and the south.
The corrosives are all around us.
Among the masses and followers
This includes executives and lawmakers.
And the Vice President and his presidency.
Also, Mr. President himself is a victim.
Governors and chairmen are rusted.
Traditional rulers are corrosive.
because of our recklessness and negligence.
Safana Jun 26
We are born in
Yesterday and today
And tomorrow, we die in.
Here, where we rise to live.
Someday with blue and black.
Sometimes, a green atmosphere.
Sometimes, it's breathless.
Some are sleepless nights.
Some are sleeping at night.
It is where we endeavour.
To plant and harvest in.
With a brain and a ***
It's our communal way.
a social society to live in.
It has a viable living alternative.
Our society can be bright.
Our society can be dark.
We vote for what is right.
Today and tomorrow, decided.
On the path to reaching the bright
On the path to reaching the dark.
We are unable to function.
in the absence of society.
And society is not functioning.
Without human endeavor,
Effectively, we are capable.
as in doer and don'ter.
Why can't a doer be uplifting?
And the don'ter be a doer?
We need to recall yesterday.
To make a beautiful day ahead
We need to deeply look into the sky.
To see the clouds, atmosphere, and stars
We need to look below our feet.
Will the sand make plants grow on it?
Our society is our home.
We live in, without a place to call home.
It affects our gestures and postures.
like breathing in and breathing out.
In many ways, society is affecting human capabilities. Whether the masses or elites, they have the capacity to do vital things. Society has an effect on them. In Nigeria, there is no effect on society's capability.
Safana Jun 25
Feed me, to feel filled to the brim.
in a watery run, as in a thirsty throat.
Never let my veins' moisture dry up.
Because I have irresistible feelings.
The dot on which I put you is pure.
The trust that nature gives is clear.
Let nature nurture the blue and black.
And let's let blue and black decide.
For myself, I vote for both blue and white.
Beyond sunset, there's the sun rise.
And, above sunrise, it's a sunset.
Above our eyes is a blue sky.
Below our feet is precious sand.
We walked a long way across.
We dig deep to mine or drill.
We explore it as gaseous, liquid or solid.
What is it, we are give in return?
Besides, we joined the queues for voting.
And the rewards are fear and threats.
The masses were defeated by insurgents.
Farms are no more but villagers' graves.
It's scary to walk alone or stay behind.
There are no more homes to dwell in.
but a pair of legs to run for survival.
Sometimes to win is to see failure.
Sometimes to fail is to succeed.
And in our hearts, none of them is right.
Safana Jun 4
Sometimes it's misery.
Many times it's envy.
which brings about enmity.
Between faces and the sun.
And the sunshine trend is null.
Tongues and lips are not wise.
They licked one honey jar together.
For they are unknown. It's a bitter jar.
The bitter honey jar is always a spoiler.
It was spoiled from the inside out.
so that none of them will be able to taste it.
Safana Jun 3
Gara a garayar garba na garu
Gara ta gagari garwar garba a garu
Gara a gagari gara gun garba na garu
Ga gara can ya hango gara a garu
Gagara gara gara ta gagari garba a garu
Safana May 31
I love someone's name.
Start with the letter M.
She has a quirky M.
She twinkles like M.
Who knows what M is?
I am the one who is aware.
The M stands for Miraculous.
"And M" is for Mother.
a mother to my children.
The M stands for Maryam.
She is the love of my life.
I can see nothing but her.
Whether in a dream or awake.
She is the beauty of all women.
She is the queen of my life.
Let me be a servant every day.
I can smell her scent of love.
And the scent of her scent.
I can see her teeth whitening.
As she smiles close to me,
I can breathe with a nasal sensation.
Despite the fact that she is odd,
But she maintains her innocence.
I really love you, Maryam.
Let me not miss you, Maryam.
Because I will go far away.
where I won't return safely.
My Maryam
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