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Safana 1d
A hand boiled
And pen warmed
And papers get ready
To receive the taste of
a tasty ink
To: Carol Natasha Diviney
Safana 1d
A fine blue pen
on her hand...
Bright heart in
her chest and
creativity in her
Carol Natasha Diviney
Safana 1d
Without locomotive
organs we can't
Head is always
in oscillation
to view the
Nigeria: State Governors, are the problem and the solution of our country
Safana 1d
O' bright,
Take my hand
To touch the sky
to let me be the sun
in every day light
and the moon in
every day night

O' bright
Safana 2d
A pen a pen
my little pen
I take a pen
to slice a lead
sleeve in this
Beautiful morning...
on a golden paper
to draw a poem
in the SPK
Safana's Poetry Kitchen
Safana 3d
I am holding a pen of haku
made from nunchaku
to fry a poem of haiku
in a beautiful white raku
in the kitchen of gagaku
to perform a hokku
for bunraku
Safana 4d
Be patiently a good
cooker in the kitchen
to cook some beautiful
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