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Safana 6d
In depth and heart pulse,
We wish you safe going on.
Mother, we lost you here.
We lost the care, giving to us.
We have no penny to pay you.
But we have prayers to do for you.
We wish you beautiful sleep.
In your new beautiful abode.
Condolence to Carol Natasha Diviney, CEO She lost her mother recently.
Safana Feb 5
The borderline between ups and downs
Have faded away, like no one known
And the sky is tumbling like a flying gown
The earth is cracking and burning brown
What happened this day as we never grown?
The life is losing like we never owned
All eyes turn into owl’s eyes and crawl
See, and the sea is boiling up and blown
At midnight, the star shines before dawn
In the morning, flower blossom in the dew
And no one listens to the birds rhymes but few
Safana Feb 5
Take my hand.
Let me be with you forever.
Let my life be a friend for you forever.
And be my joy, without obstacles, so never.
I want you today to be my driver.
And to drive me between green and river.
So never draw a line between me and you.
When I try to cross the river,
So let me be so wise and clever.
For the reason that I am a peace’s believer.
And also a peace achiever.
Who will bring peace as a respite?
Safana Jan 29
Hate me,
I will never hate you.
Love me,
I will forever love you.
I am a man for you,
If you are not a woman for me,.
The seed germinated in you.
I am the one who caused it.
The new seed growing,
I am the one carrying it.
Without me,
There is no seed's existence.
And without you—
The seed will not sprout.
Safana Jan 28
It is a bitter rain
Sometimes sweetest.
The taste is bitter.
Sometimes taste tastes sweetest.
Safana Jan 27
We are all just like Betta.
So, how do we strive to be better?
If we want to get better
We must not behave like Betta.
Safana Jan 27
Because she is underage,
She grew up in darkness.
If I say it before, I will be accused.
Because I am from sub-Sahara.
Now Betta has proved that.
She is not even better.
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