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Osiria Melody Sep 22
I would not like to see the day
When my books are on the shelves

I would not like to see the day
Because my insecurities cannot be tamed

I would not like to see the day
When my creativity is all that I sell

I would not like to see the day
Because I want my words to die in vain

I would not like to see the day
When everybody knows my name

Dedicated to those who dialed 1-800-IMPOSTERISM and never received word on why you're still suffering to this day.
Vellichor Sep 4
I look into the mirror
And hate my vacant stare
But paralyzing sorrow
Keeps me standing there
I have no strength to leave
No courage left to fight
So I study my reflection
But it’s such a painful sight
I forge a forced smile
Has it ever been so hollow
The corners of my eyes
Are now dripping in sorrow
I run my fingers through
My tangled, greasy hair
I don’t know if this smile
Can ever be repaired
And I can see the fear
Swirling in my eyes
Some things can’t be covered
By a simple smile disguise
Of all the tears from laughter
Seems just tears from sorrow stain
And my posture collapses
Under the weight of all this pain
I don’t know who I’m looking at
I don’t know where I went
My real face twists with joy
It’s not haunted by torment
And I just get more confused
The longer I stay here
I need to stop looking at
The imposter in the mirror
Cait May 31
Hold your smile, don’t let it slip
You’re perfect aren’t you?
How could you be sad.

Keep the appearance
You always go to class
You always do your homework
You never fail

Careful now, your mask is slipping
You’re perfect aren’t you?
Bad days aren’t for you

Don’t fall behind now
You’re always kind to people
You’re always there to help
You never feel alone

Why are you crying,
You’re perfect
Aren’t you?
Bruce Demos Apr 8
There was a man masquerading as me,
But I caught him by the collar
And wrenched him out!
Kelly Hogan Jan 10
I feel as though I
May be the biggest fake I know.
Perfecting the art
Of acting like I know what I'm doing when
Self doubt clouds my
Thoughts until I fall apart. But
Every time I think of how lucky I am I
Realize I worked hard for this.
Imposter "syndrome" "experience", etc. I can't see what they saw in me when I accepted my dream job. I only hope I don't ***** this up.
Lily Madden Sep 2018
emancipated, sunken, lost in the fog.
I am in love with an eternal concluder.
no, sorry,
I only love the fact that you took that imposter from this world, it is disturbing that he would even try to impersonate my papa.
cheery, rosy tinted memories, shifted bleak.
you embody total contentment through such a simple life. you are a true treasure, that is now swallowed in the mist of time.
once these remarkable things became shadowed by the empty desolate version of yourself i decided i was in love in with deaths act of nullification, to clear off the gunk that tainted my papa's clean soul.
I love that you put an end to a fraud who tried to make my papa look so far from himself.
I love you, yourself, my papa. before the shadows. before the fog.

-Raymond Pendergast 2018-
a love hate relationship.
I don't believe anything
I'm so tired of watching my back
For nothing

Or is it nothing?
What if it's something?
Do they see me as something?

Something to toy with
Something to talk about
Behind my back with

I love her i do
But i'm terrified too
That she's toying with me

Whenever i leave
Her arms and her sight
She tells them of our night

And they laugh
For i'm so foolish
To think anyone would love me

I love him i do
My brother i've trusted
For years since we climbed trees

But when i see him
Talk to people i've
Never met

And they laugh
His lips make my name
Did he ever think of me the same?

But i dont know
If it's all in my head
And i dont want to lose them

If i lose them
There's nobody left
I just wish i could be sure of if they were lying to me

Or if i was lying to me
God i hope
It's just me lying to me
Wish i could stop thinking that everyone i know is just watching me believe i matter to them and laughing at my stupidity.
alex Jul 2018
I am tethered to a tree
20 miles away.
I have 20 more miles of rope.
a brown rabbit in winter
contrasted against the snow.

there's a wolf waiting for me ahead.
if he has to
he will swallow the rope.

I'm tired all the time
but I cannot sleep.
he's watching me.
he judges,
but his stomach does not.

I do not know if I can walk 20 more miles.
what's in it for me?
the wolf has hunted all our lives.
born beside me like a twin,
we are identical at heart.

like symbiosis, codependent
though it's hard to say which is the parasite,
I know that it's always me.
J B Moore Jun 2018
It has been said to me, "An act must thus ensue,
So that no one can ever see it's the world against you.
Yet that battle can only be fought behind the stage,
While everyone else sees you smile into your old age."

But they only love the mask, they only know the act,
They couldn't care any less for simple truth or facts.
By the end, perhaps, I'll finally believe,
And truly, completely, the world deceive.

I don't know where I'm going,
I scarce remember where I've been.
Still, blindly I am rowing until I reach that bitter end.

I'll be on that river by myself, all alone,
The truth is still unknown, the act all that remains,
For by now I am the mask of a man without a name.

(Revised 4/18/15)
Nicholas Burge May 2018
Why ain't we spreading
Us species of a wild breed
Our roots are planted
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