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Cedric Feb 2023
I used to wander feeling blue,
Underneath the sky's hue.
As I walk the sky falls true,
I'm at sea limbless and fugue.

Suddenly it all turns green-
An old mango tree I've seen.
A sense of tranquility so serene,
A stark contrast from the marine.

I must have flown from an inlet,
From drowning I must've willed it,
Surviving alone on this islet,
I wear a regal cloak of violet.

I dream of a house colored red,
Ghosts appear, I hide under my bed.
To retreat into my scarlet shed,
This travesty is all in my head.

Sometimes I miss my grandmother,
Younger days with fried chicken supper,
Some mismatched candles I offer,
She would like a splash of color.

All these colors come to fruition,
Whirlpools of colorful emotion,
It all spirals down to destruction,
As I drown ghosts of hallucination.
A poem made for my sister for her case study presentation. She's currently a nursing student intern and she rotated into the psychiatry ward and interviewed a recovering schizophrenic. This is based on that patient's favorite colors and the results of drawing therapy visualized into poetry.
Cedric Aug 2022
the sun shines, the moon hides
seasons ebb and flow
rain drops, evaporates, snows
what once summer is now winter
the heat has turned to droplets

the heart is a fickle thing
it knows when to shine
but let it be cloudy, please
id rather lay in bed again
with a warm cozy blanket
let it be cold again to feel

my own warmth
random words thought up, indescribable emotions reconnected after a long time; sometimes it only takes a day to see how a year has flown by
Cedric Jun 2022
Continuous ebbs and flows,
Ongoing transits on the way home,
Nights of burned candles shine,
Gaining new insights all so fine.
Rainy days and espresso on the nose.
Afterglow outlines turned backs.
Trudging through piles of books,
Untangling webs of teachings-
Laughing through triumph,
Answering through ones and twos,
Thundering through the syllabi,
Information would gradually fly!
On nights you sleep distraught,
Nigh morning comes not for naught!
Stand proud in togas and caps!

Pressed flowers make for good bookmarks.
Riddled with nostalgic scents of days gone by.
Intrepid you stand as you close this chapter.
Marching onto the next page of your life,
Onto the edges of this pen shall leave a mark.
An acrostic poem for my friends, the primo batch of our university, graduates ready to tackle the world. Only through words can I express such pride for my peers, congratulations.
Cedric Mar 2022
A snooze rouses a slumber,
You hear birds chirp a beep.
Turn off your alarm and shower,
Start your leimotif.

From black to gray your eyesight wavers,
The world just looks so bleak.
But then a memory tries to banter,
"Ah! la vie est magnifique!"

Time to time convictions shudder,
Sometimes you feel defeat.
But from losing comes laughter,
Springing back to your feet.

Life goes on til' after,
Night and day repeat,
Sometimes you'd feel asunder,
You'd wake up in one piece.

Live, laugh, love in blunder!
It's all a one-way street.
To cry is to shoulder-
Your victories so sweet.
A commissioned piece made for a friend.
Cedric Sep 2021
Soaked sponges in red
Porous hollow bones leak
Intoxicated infatuation
****** unto the deep end
Entice my antipathic vision
Cedric Sep 2021
Success entails sacrifice.
People will fight the good fight.
When will it suffice?
When will you hear our plight?

We forge a path to paradise.
Burning bridges to reach the light.
Is it worth it to cut our ties?
Burning just to shine bright?

Stockpiled innumerable retries,
Power on with irreversible blight,
Pushing until one of us dies,
Its me or my dreams tonight...

Husks and ghosts arise,
Ascending like a child's kite.
Living their dream of lies,
Sacrificing their own sight.

Go on and take a bite,
Hear out those distant cries,
Sacrifice your own might,
Be one of the forest fires!

Your dreams may be forthright.
But is it worth your lives?
Everything may be alright but-
Will your life be the sacrifice?
A reflection of my college life, losing my sanity and turning numb, I struggle to find the truest sense of why I am here and what I want to do. I sacrificed to maintain those numbers yet they served no real purpose... and now I'm lost.
Cedric Sep 2021
A long tattered night,
Cursive moonlight shines.
Each word is muddled,
Forming granite tears.

My heart beats in fourths,
Tapping my pen in thirds,
Forming a waltz of emotions,
As all my notes unfold.

Paper-thin melodies,
When will the crescendo end?
Scribble then scramble,
The words fade into dissonance.

They say that its just noise...
The chords I am mouthing,
Is nothing but rambling.
My heart's chorus never came.

All the grinded words,
Leave ink-stained falsities.
An amalgamation of fantasy,
Would it answer my plight?
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