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Cedric May 2020
Striking upon with justice,
Future generations waver.
Life breaks free!
It trembles, shatters, breaks!
He strikes and plows the land,
With death he offers justice.
Man and woman the core price,
Turning into vivid embers.
A poem inspired by Hellsing Ultimate's OST - Monster of God
Cedric Mar 2020
You need warmth,
You need company.
You need heart,
You need sympathy.
You need passion,
You need aspiration.
You need affection,
You need love,

...but not from me.
It was never me.
Even if I try to be,
It could never be me.
my cowardly thoughts
Cedric Mar 2020
We climb mountains to see the sun, but the sun remains the same – outside our grasp.
So we tell ourselves it's the effort that counts, consoling our defeated souls of peaks we can't comprehend.
At the mountaintop, cold and hungry, we warm our hearts with sweet-nothings.
Our feet are planted on the ground yet we feel as if we've reached the top.
We forever hold on to this hope – the ideals of peaks, as we live and die racing towards the unachievable sky.
Cedric Feb 2020
Every day has been decided,
We live out our lives deluded.
We just get devastated;
Tired and exhausted,
We lay in bed.

Waking up with dread,
The smell of lead;
Would not come through,
If you're dead.
Russian roulette
Cedric Feb 2020
— ah, you love the trickling rain...
Beside you, an umbrella’s reign.
It shields you from the pain;
God knows you’ve feigned-
Again, a beautiful smile shown,
Ignoring your shattered bones,
Leaping and dancing in the rain.
You are your father’s joy, I am smitten and alone in my love. May my feelings reach you; may my undying love hold steadfast. Maybe someday I can dance in the rain with you.
Cedric Feb 2020
Oh sweet days of youth,
I yearn for you still.
My childhood memories,
They weren't very real.

As a young adult,
I am still a child.
Immature as can be,
I stride with no care.

No, I am not mature.
I just thought differently.
I can be called weird,
Starting from twenty.
Happy birthday to me, I am now twenty. Yearning for youth and filled with envy, I start to say goodbye to my own alibi. My mind is a conundrum under the guise of my birth name.
Cedric Jan 2020
Human nature demands wants,
Like children seeing lines and dots,
Following the cracks along the road.

Like dogs chasing butterflies,
We also chase clouds and the sky.
Time moves forward with kites.

Static dots forming pictures,
Colors shown in a little box,
Picturesque ideals are caged!

As the radio waves paint our ears,
As the light waves hits our eyes,
An imprint of dreams are cast.

Observing the apple of my eye,
Are you red delicious?
Hopefully a granny smith...

I'm an infant observing dogs;
So free chasing whatever,
But I am stuck in my cradle.

Patiently waiting as I grow,
I have all that I need.
The monochrome box.

White noise turns to music,
As my mind changes channels.
Scenarios I yearn for.
A poem of wants.
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