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Jeanmarie May 2
Life’s Next Chapter

Sometimes life pulls us away
From the ones who help us get through the tough days
The thought of being without them pains me to say
A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.

I am worried that I won’t make friends
I’ll be lonely in this new place,
On my own and not knowing my way
The thought of leaving behind my loved ones
Terrifies me more than I’d like to say
A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.

I am worried that making the move
Might end up being a horrible mistake
I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready
For what life may throw my way
The wonders of the unknown concerns me
I want my life to be on track without delays.

A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.
Jeanmarie Apr 22
I let out a blood curdle scream
Hoping my parents can come help me
I was trapped within a paralyzed body
Stuck between a purgatory state of sleep and reality.

Shadowy silhouettes appeared then were out of sight,
In the corners of my forest green eyes,
The sound of their hushed footsteps were left behind
Leaving me frightened out of my mind.
I was prepared to be hurt by the creatures
That lurked my bedroom at night.

Mom frantically told the doctor who said it was sleep paralysis,
The good news is that I would be alright.
There’s nothing they can do,
I’m stuck feeling the fear that comes to me
Whenever the sleep paralysis decides to strike.

No one can help me,
I have to live through getting stuck in a limp body
Welcoming the scary creatures that come by,
Having an episode is one of the scariest things
That I’ve encountered in my life.
Jeanmarie Apr 21
The world never saw the beauty in his forest green eyes
All they saw were the horrible and cruel lies,
That was spread for the enjoyment of gossip.
People judging and rumors flying
Social media is an angel in disguise

People didn’t see the truth that radiated in his broken smile
Or the never-ending love that continually poured from his heart
All they chose to see were the “revealings” of his troubles

That boy is a good lad
True to himself and isn’t changing for anyone.
He already knows exactly who he is

It’s not his fault that they are all in a fool’s paradise
It’s heartbreaking to see just how deep
It’s getting hard for him to stay afloat
When will the truth be seen?

That boy is one of a kind with a beautiful soul
He’s like a Kadupul with his rare, stellar mind
People are just unfortunately too blind to see it.
Hopefully, people will one day learn to not always trust their beautiful eyes.
A Kadupul is a rare flower :)
Jeanmarie Apr 20
I painted my room the hue of blue
For a reason
You see, blue reminds me of the beach
Which reminds me of hot summer days
And cold summer nights
Which reminds me of when you lent me your sweatshirt
Which wasn’t blue, but when I wore it I swear it radiated that hue
It’s scary having deep feelings for someone
But the radiance of blue was so vibrant
It was easy to push my fears aside
Instead I was filled with calmness, peace, security, and feelings of content  
I was left the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.
I painted my room the hue of blue
To remind me what I want to strive to feel
Each day of my life
Jeanmarie Apr 20
There was a black and white dog who wore a Mickey Mouse symbol on her back
Had pointy ears and a buttoned nose
Always down to cuddle, lazy days are her favorite in fact.
She is the size of a football
But has confidence the size of a Great Dane
Whom she will try to attack, if he gets to close to our lawn.
I don’t think she realizes that she’s the perfect size for a mid-day snack.
Protecting our house is her priority
Even though she won’t win an attack.
Jeanmarie Apr 20
I live for the days and dread the nights
It’s something about the quiet that brings out the light
My body is falling asleep, but not my mind
Do people know what that feels like?
People critique me as being an over thinker
Friends finding my habit annoying and concerning
They don’t get that it’s hard for me to control
My thoughts take over the entirety of my mind
They don’t get that my thoughts keep me lying awake at night
I pray to avoid temptation creeping into my way
But sometimes muffling the noise sounds like a luxury getaway
I’m not ready to face what lies underneath
But every night it’s getting much harder to breathe
My family doesn’t really believe in therapy
I don’t know what to do
I’m drowning, can someone please help me?
Jeanmarie Apr 20
Long Island is not the place you want to be
When a pandemic outbreaks into the streets
Neighborhoods are split between those who listen to the CDC
And those who need a tragedy to take the guidelines seriously
Everyday is a guessing game of did Corona catch me today?
Lines outside clinics grew, nose swabs became a normal part of what we do
Masks became the latest fashion trend
Although there are people who refuse to buy them
More people are getting infected around me
When will people start to believe this isn’t just some made up fantasy?
Covid affects everyone who has it differently
I just hope no one dies around me.
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