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Gut dropping falls
Dizzying ascent
It scares me
But I get back on

Forgive and forget
Care first for yourself
Pursue pleasure
Avoid pain.

Cannot achieve
Mutual satisfaction

Pain is inevitable
The price of living
paid in discomfort
And Uncertainty

A life of comfort
Is quiet and easy
An extraordinary life
Challenges the soul
Even though my head knows that the drop is coming, it doesn’t cease to be exciting. If the extraordinary was routine, what would be the point of pursuing it?
Tis the season to be falling
Tis the season to be gay
Tis the season to be flying
Higher, farther, away ~

Chains loosened she calls to her mother
An earthy musk, grains of sand, mud on her face. A scruffy mutt laying listlessly on the tarmac, ribs rattling with the effort of each breath. She is home.

Muted flames thrashing in its cage, raging in the midst of civilization, a crucifixion of sorts. Tearing at its hair wildly, the masses trickling by, mouth agape in a silent scream. Ashes mixed into pieces of scalp, begging to be found.

Oblivious to a sound like thunder, clapping in one's ears. Strangled scream lost in translation, a language so old none could decipher. Fear wielding urgency, a disguise of desperation, depression.

Refusing to be still.
Strying Oct 2020
I want a passionate love
One that consumes me
One that takes me to highs I could never imagine

But love these days is limited
If you love someone too old, too different, the same gender
It's wrong
People move away

Things are spoken, and thus the magic disappears
Just as magic is expected to do

And yet, I want a love that consumes me
A love that rarely exists in this world
And I may never have it.
Just some thoughts about love.
Lyss May 2020
Im thankful for the hurt. I’m thankful for the pain. I’m thankful for the lessons provided. I’m thankful for the low valleys. Thankful for the tears, confusion, thankful for the lack of.
Because without any of that, I wouldn’t have what I have now.
I wouldn’t be confident on all the levels I am. I wouldn’t be nearly as strong. I wouldn’t be as wise. I wouldn’t be able to see that I’m now on the highest of mountain tops, and STILL climbing. I wouldn’t be able to tell my good days from my great days. I wouldn’t know the feeling of relief, satisfaction, and comfort.
I am so thankful.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Riding home in a hellbound car
My lover by my side
I tried to steer a different way
But it seems by rules I can't abide

So I rest my head against the glass
Scenery a pillow
Whooshing noise a bed
Led towards a house blanketed in snow
Wishing I could stop time instead

The drive is such a neutral place
It doesn't hurt to be alive
Between the nosedive and the pole vault
The steady up and down I survive
I say hellbound because home is hell
kell Oct 2019
Im nauseated from the ups and downs
I get so low I forget what its like to breathe,
drowning by my crys and screams
I get so high that its seems I have a perfect life
I wish I could be in a time loop of this night
When it rains is poors when its sunny it burns
I appreciate the highs more every low I get
Life is like Russian roulette
You could be here one second go the next
life isnt promised the only thing promised is death
so appreciate life with all its highs and lows
your pain and hurt might never go away
but your here right now so try to live through the pain.
Every person has issues even if you believe yours are worse hurting and pain is felt the same. live right now
I draw my poetry
From the depths of my despair
As many other poets do

Sadly I can’t draw them
From my highest of highs
Like other brilliant artists

To all poets
Thank you for sharing
Whether it be a shard of light
Or a wisp of darkness
It all takes power
To turn pain and happiness
Into art
Empire Mar 2019
I just want to feel something
through my veins
that isn’t blood.
I’ve grown so tired
and bored
of my flesh.
give me something
Empire Mar 2019
It's so strange
Knowing exactly what I'm looking for
Knowing where to find it
My satisfaction
My redemption,

But some part of me...
It wants to find out for itself
Not just follow others
Even though I am convinced
That I really do know the truth

It wants to go searching
Chasing highs
Just for a little while
Until it is certain
There is nothing better out there

I know it's lying to me
I know the solution
But it is so tempting to
I listen
The perfect  lie lets you believe it's true even when you know it is not.
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