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Joanna Oct 18
The quiet consumes like a hidden river of peace.

There's a strength and a purity
that gives release.

The sunsets and my spirit rises, knowing it's time
to stop asking why.

Daybreak arrives, and there is an array of colors,
as this journey becomes

an adventure like none other.
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aj kamari Oct 7
i feel angry
not the kind of anger that you feel when he doesn’t text you back
but the rage that consumes you
and your every nerve
the kind of anger that makes the nicest people
malicious thinkers and hateful destroyers
hell bent on exposing all who’ve done them wrong
that’s the kind of anger i feel
and i’ve felt it for so long
that i worry what i might do
that anger is now a part of me
a constant fire that grows with every hurtful word
and unlistening ear
they are what made me this way
they made me this angry
this is the type of anger that is felt when we have been silenced for far too long because of our issues. it’s time to stand up for what we believe in.
RedD Sep 2018
The hardest part is letting you walk out the door
Back to your life
That I know hurts you
That I know exhausts you
That consumes you

I want to be there for you
To take away the hurt
I want you to be yourself again
To be happy
To be free
To say and do what makes you content
Without regret

I adore touching you
Kissing you
Loving you
The taste of your lips on mine
The touch of your tongue on mine
Every caress carves with such intensity
Sometimes too unbearable
Because I want this so much
With you
Your touches
Your closeness
Your warmth
Makes me whole again

I will wait for you
My door remains open
I will let you in
Maggie Rowen Feb 2017
"What do you do with the anger?"


"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I mean, what do you do with the anger?"


I never thought about it that way. The anger that builds up fuel inside of us, the everlasting flame, what do we do with it? What do we do with the inextinguishable flame? This flame that burns inside of us from the day we are born until the day we pass, this flame that burns all in its path - what do we do with it?

"I don't know," I respond. "I never realized just how much it effects my life."

"Find something to do with it. Find somewhere to channel it. Find something to control it - or let go of it. Let the fire burn out. Anger is not a fire that keeps you warm, it is a fire that consumes you. It will consume you if you let it. Be free of it," he said. "Let it go and never look back."
And I never went back.
Princess Roy Aug 2015
The thoughts of our love consume me...
Your face is etched into my memory...
The warmth of your touch is seared to my flesh...
The sound of your voice rings constantly in my eardrums...
The thoughts of our love consume me
Anthony Miele Nov 2014
inside this forest that consumes me
i thank god for what ever light there may be
across the darkness that fills me
i pray to god for what ever light i may see

as the sun begins to rise
my heart begins to stray
in search for the daylight skies
that may some day save the day

growing up i was never taught
of how to cut down a tree
nor was i ever taught what to do
if a forest was inside of me

— The End —