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Shane Leigh Jul 16
She had 4 children:
North, looking for guidance into the right direction;
West, seeking fortunes and unyielding business men;
East, holding on to shades that long fell but stand still;
South, proving isolation is just a form of free will.

Though each may have spread in different directions
There still stands their mother, in the heart, to anchor them.
Enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Cobalt Jan 13
I really, really don’t want to be beautiful.

I want to make people tremble.

I want to walk into a room and turn people’s heads- not because I’m pretty, but because I walked in with such confidence that people go “****.”

I want the wrong people to be scared by me, and the right people to take me as a challenge, but I want everyone to be intimidated by me.

I want to be the woman no one dares **** with.

I want to be compared to Cleopatra- not in terms of how pretty or symmetrical her face was, but because she seduces men into her bed with her mind and intellect.

I want to be compared to powerful and unstoppable forces of nature, where they aren’t powerful Because of their beauty, but beautiful because of their power.

So this is why I get insulted when you call me pretty before you call me smart.
Jade Charlotte Sep 2018
Like the moon
I am ever shifting between light and dark
When the sky is black I look for a flicker, a spark
I find beneath the layers of my chest
A pumping heart
They say that to be in love is to find simplicity
To be in love is multifaceted
To be in love is agony  
To be in love is the blackest night
To be in love is a flamboyant sky at dusk
To be in love is to be challenged
To be in love is beautiful and heartbreaking and breathtaking and so **** fluid
I ride these tides one more time
I ride until the moon reels me back to the mountains
Where I can fold back into the earth
My spine a cliff
My lips a steep ravine
You can find me at the edge of a plateau
I’ll be in the bay
Worshiping the moon
Woman in the raw
Cat of the night
i don’t know who I am right now but I will know as soon as the moon shifts to reveal a new way of being
Nicole S Apr 2018
I think I made a wrong turn somewhere.
I mean, I guess- well, it's embarrassing, but I just kept following my GPS
even when the roads got rough
and my gut felt a little strange
(you know it, right?  That twinge you start to get when you realize you have no idea where you are?)
and before I knew it,
I was in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe the batteries are low,
though you'd think they'd install some kind of warning about that-
I mean, people are depending on these things, you know, to get them places.
They've even got them in phones.

Google Maps, I hear.

Anyway, I really...I really think I'm lost.
Could you give me directions?
K Balachandran Mar 2018
This boat, my woman
never claims she navigates;
thankfully I am hers!
Tribute to my woman on Women's day
Matthew Vargas Sep 2017
They've clipped my wings, darling
I want to soar through the heavens
And land in your arms
Like old times
But I'm earth bound and alone
Miles away from your love
I'll find a way,
No matter the cost.
No matter the length.
Even if it takes me a millennia,
I'll find my way back to you,
my love.
Listening to I love you so by the Walters and in my feels ****
Jamil Massa Aug 2017
My head is a bay. The memory of you like the waves that swarm when the wind switches and the whistle of the ship is sounded. The longitude lines fall on a map, the navigation is helpless when I'm bowed in the presence of your eyes. That eyes which was made from the rainy season.

Your ships contain anxiety, vulnerable content, whereas love is a minor deviation from a cruise line. I am the dock for you. Anchored and wake the seagulls. For a long time no one leaned, or just reminded that the sea is not always blue.

Anchored and wake me up. Because your whisper is more patient than the air that hit the masts. Your presence is the reason why light is never lost at the top of the lighthouse.

Anchored and wake me up. Because the best morning is when my longing is covered with your eyelashes, my sleep is overgrown with black dots that hold your lip line, my vanish is ****** in a trough hidden behind your soul.

Wake me, with the most desolate shaking you have.
(The original version - Indonesian)

Amy, 2

Kepalaku adalah teluk, ingatan tentangmu bak ombak yang meriap saat angin beralih dan peluit kapal dibunyikan. Garis-garis bujur gugur pada selembar peta, navigasi tak berdaya tatkala aku tertunduk di hadapan matamu yang terbuat dari musim hujan.

Kapal-kapalmu berisi kecemasan, muatan yang rentan, padahal cinta adalah penyimpangan kecil dari sebuah jalur pelayaran. Aku adalah dermaga untukmu. Menepilah dan bangunkan burung-burung camar itu. Sudah lama tak ada yang bersandar, atau sekadar mengingatkan kalau laut tak selamanya biru.

Menepilah dan bangunkan aku. Sebab bisikanmu lebih sabar dari udara yang membentur tiang-tiang layar. Kehadiranmu adalah alasan mengapa cahaya tak pernah hilang di puncak mercusuar.

Menepilah dan bangunkan aku. Sebab pagi terbaik adalah ketika rinduku dijatuhi bulu matamu, tidurku ditumbuhi titik hitam yang menahan garis bibirmu, lenyapku adalah tersesap dalam palung yang sembunyi di balik jiwamu.

Bangunkan aku, dengan gemetar paling sunyi yang kau punya.
When I'm stranded,
You guide me.

When I'm confused,
You affirm me.

When I fear that I've lost you,
You suddenly reappear.

When I make it out,
I pray you don't disappear.

The swells might burden me,
But you drive me to overcome.

As I enter the calm waters,
I see the lighthouse.

You're there.
dillon leehe Oct 2016
The road darkens quickly;
it turns and sways
and tapers off into an unseeable zenith.
The gravel cracks
and rolls underfoot.

This road peels skin off of knees. This road
rips palms to shreds

but I've traversed it many times;
I can recall each boulder and each
protruding limb.
I nestle between the crags and

I bathe in the starlit puddles. The water is
murky and littered
with bottles, with pens, with Barbie dolls.
It is lukewarm.
I revel in my shivering, pruning skin.

I walked along its path
I closed my eyes but
I listened well.
Unholy silence.

I lifted my foot and triumphed a
broken branch that always exists. I could run
this road blinded and gagged.

I dipped my toe in a puddle. Time
wouldn't let me

Darkness fell beyond my eyelids and chilled
these fragile shrouds.
I leapt over a crag. It has grown
since I've been gone.
I fell into its depths. It isn't a crag at all:
it is the end.

This road has broken off and it
dangles children's toys
off a precipice.
I am still falling. The wind lashes at my eyes
and dries out my tongue.

I am blinded and I am gagged, but
I do not know this road at all.
Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015
Fireworks thunder like
Stars long gone,
And I’d remembered
Something Grandpa once said –

“The world’s a wonder,
But home will always be

And the fireworks still thunder,
But I’m the star long gone,
As I’d remembered
Something my son once said –

Innocent and earlier mirror’d,
His eyes were all that’d speak,

So now, I knock, atop the “thunder”
Calloused oak ‘fore, “father,”
As I discover, come echo’d only answer –

Whispers brought the cold, and the scent
Orchids wrought, “tell him to hurry;”
Once and an only gasp I’d hear too late.
I hated my father; but do I now? You tell me, please?
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