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Seanathon Jul 12
The hollow, empty, fickle words
The accounts and all of the time there spent
Social media is the death of all things good and decent
I say again
Social media is the death of all things good and decent
Social Lows
sadly, I'm sadder
in this moment than I was
just moments ago
bipolar life is like a rollercoaster. I don't mind the highs so much, but the lows...

I think I'm gonna throw up
Stark Dec 2018
riding out the highs of life
with manic ferocity


the minutiae of life
drag you down into the depths of despair

a pure loyalty like no other
hidden by a dramatized emotional facade

always there to bring you up,
simultaneously bringing themselves down
it's a slippery *****--
emotional support

Oh, to be Mercutio--
is to be the eye of a hurricane,
winding about a center
--that may not be
as stable as it seems
shakespearean bffs, pt 2
Amiso Pius Jun 2018
I've not lost yet!
Though Its seems I have.
Every letter spelt on the walls seem to say the same.
Even Truth has lost its true meaning.
Still,I've not lost yet.

Stopping Time from telling my story,
I tell it myself.
Grabbing the Same old tissue box for my tears
I mumble on and on without a pause.

I've only started this walk so spare those words that judge my strides
I'm awake within my Senses,
Feeding life into dead souls,
Stopping time from telling my story,
I tell it myself.
With highs and lows between the lines
Causing life to exist in ink.
I've not lost yet!
Lifes horrors are created within the mind.
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
does my bipolarity
strange-sounding word

does it affect my poetry?

sometimes my poems
a bit absurd

one up and cheery
next solemn and dreary
one bouncy and bubbly
another quite ****

That's just who I am
I'm up, then I'm down
can't help what I'm feeling
can't help a melt down

but I get back on track
a new day
a smile and sunshine
can bring me back

though on meds
to keep me in tow
I still have highs
I still have lows

we all do, I think
sometimes we're not the best "us"

sometimes we're just out of sync
...or maybe the other way round
the world's out of sync
with us
SaWal Apr 2018
Oh yes I talk about trying, don't pardon me
Innocence has nothing to fear, this is what hardened me

Just quit man, give up, be the pawn in world chess these thought never cordon me
Rise for you may not reign, but rise for you may be right.. this is the lesson that gardened me

I was in the zone too, I still feel low at times, but I fought and will fight everytime, atleast now I know what my stardom is
Never counted much on anyone, because sometimes when did I got to know what the word phantom means

And trust me I do have dreadful nightmares, but i don't let them warden me
Because what's much bigger and brighter is my dream and the ones I want to live it with, that is what that heartens me

Over expectations, just like over exposure to light, gives you darkened s(K)in
Same people, same situation but different faces, learnt allotropes are not found in carbon only

Was down and low and in pieces, survived, now I am coming thundering for the win
Dream, travel, love, express, experience so the world knows you not just some iron molding

Everyone's at war, some fighting for glory, some voicing their story.. latter is how I unburden me
Miseries in abundance, it's HOPE that forms the basis of my ardent leap.
clever Apr 2018
in chlorine soaked clothes
we take our highs with our lows
you'll know when it shows
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
to (love) myself
a l(i)ttle bit LIGHTer

(let)ting the laughs
linger longer (in)
the (lows)
in love—i let in lows
Maaz Mar 2018
"To go high, you must first go low".
An element of truth is captured in this phrase,
For a man who walks a steady path,
shall experience neither pleasure nor grief,
But a man who sinks,
then proceeds to swim,
He is a man,
who will truly win,
the game of happiness,
in which we all play,
to feel elation,
until it all frays.
A subversive take on happiness
Dom Bobek Feb 2018
What is this ?
Another week gone by ?
Through every low
and every high ?

Can I have a week,
just normal ?
Not start off in heaven
and end in hell ?
Or is this eternal ?

The rollercoaster of life,
never stopping.
Through joy and strife,
always rolling.

I've seen heaven
and I've seen hell.
Sadly, I'm stuck in this seat,
so finely tucked in..

I'll see it again,
week after week.
Always moving,
but stuck in one place.
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