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Lyss May 25
I feel as though I’m just ‘here’
No reason, no mission.
I feel empty and alone,
I feel robbed and broken.
Like there is nothing left,
As cliche as that sounds it’s most fitting.
I feel as though I have no drive or motivation left in me.
I’ve turned into a dull, boring, lifeless being.

Never would I have imagined I’d be able to crumble so easy.
Never did I think I was so weak.
Never did I think I would allow a single entity to hold so much of my happiness.

That is mine. Not theirs.

Never did I think I’d be so dependable on someone.
Never would I imagine I’d be betrayed like that.
  May 20 Lyss
its the downfall.
the spiraling
of emotions
to the dark abyss

an eclipse,
a sudden shift
in (y)our orbit
my breath coming
up in hitches

can you see
how the world
doesn't only
revolve around
you and me?

loosen the chains,
my heart is in pain
stop the madness
don't let
my monsters
be unleashed

i don't
want them
to hurt you
but please
don't let
your demons
ruin me too
i skipped a couple of numbers,
but this deemed significant.
i don't know if he's playing one of our games
or if he's done (playing) with me
  May 20 Lyss
He who breathes the air
was once my ray of sunshine.
He who breathes the air
was once who tingled my heart.

He who breathes the air
is such a coward.
He who breathes the air
was never been mine.

And I'm glad he wasn't.

He who breathes the air
boils my blood.
He who breathes the air
is the reason of me being red.

He who breathes the air
is the one I truly despise.
He who breathes the air
shouldn't also breathe mine.
To that boy, this is for you.
  May 20 Lyss
When the world is all but the blackest of night
And the sky is starless and you can’t feel the light
When you feel crushed and it’s more than you can take
Try to remember that morning will break
The sun still shines

When hope seems all but gone to dust
Your life destroyed by thieves, moths and rust
Suffocated slowly by sin and shame
And you have none but yourself to blame
Look toward the horizon and see
The sun still shines

The sun still shines in spite of our fault
Remaining constant and steady it does not halt
The sun still shines even if we block it’s radiance
On our bad days the sun still shines it’s kindly countenance
The sun still shines

Let my light be the sun that still shines for you
That you too may shine for another
Let my light shine both pure and true
May it connect us as sister and brother
And remember: the sun still shines

When you wake in the morning for another new day
Give thanks and praise to God and say:
The sun still shines and warms the ground
This wonderful world in which I am found
With one word he made it so the sun still shines

When you rest your head in your nice warm bed
And dream sweet dreams of joyful scenes
As you drift away to soft sweet surrender
His might is great, His love is tender
The sun still shines

In faith, we know, the sun will shine again
We have confidence when we say Amen
Somehow we know the sun will shine once more
And it is something I hold deep in my core
The sun still shines

And when the sun does shine it’s last
I pray we will be in a place so vast
That even in our darkness the Son still shines
And in Heaven above we are washed in the light of love
So for now and always the sun still shines
  May 20 Lyss
At first sight/
I fell in love
and I knew that
something wasn't right./
The temptation to stare
was hard to fight/
and thoughts of her
made it hard to sleep at night./
How gracefully she
walks the earth's crust
floods my mind like
New Orleans when the levees broke./
Leaving me up late
drowning a misconnected love
in **** smoke./
that I give up all hope./
that I fall out of love./
the type of love
that feels like ******* drugs/
to addicts and I've had it./
I've had it.
I've had it up to Jesus's colic.
I've had it.
All because the atrocious acts
that my heart committed./
Falling for someone
who could never be committed./
because when i wanted a chance
they didn't./
Now I'm looking
like an idiot/
because I couldn't resist it./
I couldn't resist/
falling in love
before the first kiss./
I couldn't resist
falling in love
before the first kiss./
I couldn't resist
falling in love
before the first kiss./
  May 20 Lyss
Hurt people hurt people
It's all that we seem to do.
Sometimes I wonder
Will we ever learn people?
Because there are way too many
Hurt people.

As strong as love is
We say we love people.
Things change and get
rough and tough
Then we abandon people.
Instead of working it out
to become better people.
We get lost in our
Emotions and thoughts
And become bitter people.

We seek out other people
To feel loved again
Hoping for a redo
Something like a sequel
only to realize
When it's over that we've
Become more scared
And tainted people.
And the cycle continues.
Until we can no longer
Trust people

I have no idea why
Hurt people hurt people
The very act is oh so feeble
To love each other equal?
I doubt we ever will
As long as hurt people
hurt people.

Even religious people
can hurt people
they find God's love
and think they can judge people
Like there isn't any evil
Going on inside that cathedral
Like they've forgotten what it's like
To be amongst the struggling people
Yeah, prayer changes and helps but
We are all the same people
sane people
Living in an insane world
Filled with unanswered questions.
Which is probably why
We can't be peaceful.

I will never know why
Hurt people hurt people
The very act is oh so feeble
To love each other equal?
I doubt we ever will
As long as hurt people
hurt people

So as I sit at home alone
And peer out of my peephole
I wonder what has caused
All this evil
That makes these hurt people
hurt people.
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