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kell Oct 4
i told it to leave
its like a second personality
it comes when it wants and leaves when it pleases
i have no control, it just suffocates me
quickens my heart makes it hard to breathe
im so ******* tired of this anxiety
It sends pain in my chest and tears down my face
dont even ask me whats wrong, i wont know what to say
im wore out and hurt
but it dousnt care about me. it dousnt care for anybody
kell Sep 27
I've never felt love, i've never had a chance
you see i try but i'm just bad at romance
I know what i like but that type seems to never like me
Im always last choice, I'm used to that feeling
I hate this I cant find what I do wrong
like do i need to be more daring?
More caring... do i need a personality change?
Im already crying
and yet haven't even had my heart broke yet.
its not a love story its not a song
its the like the writers block
like a clog in the system
so that i never feel love
oh well that okay
i geuss i dont need it any way
no love fr
  Sep 19 kell
when did we become a stranger?
walking pass by but we didn't even
see each other.
when did I become so wanting,
wanting to write about you
when all you do is running?
i love you,
like I always do,
but why can't you?
kell Sep 19
She thrived of adventure .
her whole mindset was focused on getting out of this worn out town filled with people that only care about their well being,
she had new intentions she wanted to change the world.
She wanted to make something more,
she felt as if the people she surrounded herself with were a cover up to who she really was.
She felt none of them new or understand her vivid thoughts,
that go beyond any letter grade typed on paper,
her thoughts that struggled to understand the real meaning of life's status.
We choose to change ourselves to feel good that there's people like us
. no one is like you.
Even if you change everything every little detail deep down you're still you.
Stop hiding it.
We fall into peer pressure for we don't think the weight of 20 people is pressure,
we fall for these simple words that challenge for we forget the consequences,
we rebel without cause because the thrill is exhilarating
for the poison that pumps through our veins is our energy
, and the tangy liquid we drink is an excuse for the words that tumble effortlessly out of our mouths
but were still sober enough not to show who we are.
we brag about  the ignorant actions because people praise us for it, people envy us.
just the highlights
she is me
kell Sep 19
It’s been a while since I heard from you
Going crazy knowing i'm losing you
And your doing just fine
Not a day passes by without you on my mind
I wish to hear the same, but you already got a new partner in crime.
I know it's not right but you invade my mind every night
******* with my continuous it's a constant fight
I feel like it was all just a waste of time
All the screaming and fighting just to break down and cry.
Then we go back again ignoring what we said
Letting the open wound bleed.
Opening my eyes are love wasn't love it was greed
So selfish for each other we couldn't see
It was all pain it was all need.
So easily confused with lust, no it was intemperate.
:'( little tear shed on this
kell Sep 18
I will spend an eternity alone
because I cant keep one person I like let alone love.
They always leave, without hesitation
without a single taste of there goodbye
I can assume they believe it must hurt less
to there displeasure, it pains me a lot more not to know why.
maybe I was meant to be this way by oneself;
always dreaming of a relationship that can feed my hunger
for being loved or liked or just some kind of sign Im needed
Im exhausted, wore out from being repeatedly left behind
Im slowly coming to acceptance
Im not for anyone and no one is for me
i cant do it again
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