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kell Nov 2021
Im trying to forgive
kell Feb 2021
He sat under the stars, his eyes glowed as he told me how big the universe is and how insignificant we are.
How he wished he could be like a star, something that lasts forever and starts deep meaningful conversations
I wanted to tell him that he is my star
He made me stop and forget the insignificance of my existence
and how every word he spoke made me want to listen deeper.
That even if he isn’t a necessity to the universe, he gave me a reason to forgive the world, because no matter how evil the world is, it must be good for it inhabits him.
I want him to see me and think
“this is all i need”
kell Nov 2020
As a family
As a family we stand,
together we fall.

We lose one,
we lose them all.
kell Oct 2019
Im nauseated from the ups and downs
I get so low I forget what its like to breathe,
drowning by my crys and screams
I get so high that its seems I have a perfect life
I wish I could be in a time loop of this night
When it rains is poors when its sunny it burns
I appreciate the highs more every low I get
Life is like Russian roulette
You could be here one second go the next
life isnt promised the only thing promised is death
so appreciate life with all its highs and lows
your pain and hurt might never go away
but your here right now so try to live through the pain.
Every person has issues even if you believe yours are worse hurting and pain is felt the same. live right now
  Oct 2019 kell
i want to delete all the memories
just like i did with all our pictures
i want to forget our history
and act like we're strangers
i don't want to miss you anymore
i want to get over you and close the door
i know you're not missing me
i know this is how it's meant to be
#forget #memories #relationship #missyou #strangers
  Oct 2019 kell
Keara Marie
I can read his mind like I wrote it.
kell Oct 2019
Forbidden love is to meet this day
to wipe a family's history and pain
A love, hate twisted Hurricane
No war can keep them apart
for they feel there love was crafted as beautiful art
They told there love from there lips
forever sealing there dying wish
to come together as one
love stronger than their families hate
love stronger than the oceans waves
from first sight and to there last
but hush for there families can not know
that adversarys joined
a sword against their neck
the only choice in this love is death
love like that is so powerful..

also im releasing my hidden poems so enjoy
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