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Zero Nine Oct 2017
I see your skin and I think
What did I do to deserve this blessing?
The God that I call chance
Would see my hands on a masterwork?
The American work week
covers your flame. You leave it at the door.

You wait to speak until you get close
You get close as it gets to say this:
I'm battered and bruised, think
you could relax me a little bit?
Want to take off your shirt?

For you,

I can't take my clothes off fast enough

Then you,

Tell me, "Shut the blinds, first."

Can we open the blinds?
I don't care who's watching
-- if you don't.
Let light in.
Let light in.

Who cares who's watching love?
For her. The first new permanence that kept.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2016
I like to play with your belly button
'Cause it makes me giggle and laugh
I'll let you play with my bellybutton
I bet it makes you giggle and laugh
Exactly as it does with me
It makes me laugh hysterically
I know it might seem rather silly
But I love to do it *****-nilly.

Sometimes I like to blow on your belly
And make that almost obscene sound
It's worth it to hear you laugh, really
Then both of us roll around on the ground.
We laugh and play like a couple of kids
And make no excuses for silly things we did.
Others make love your way and we ours.
We tickle and blubber on each other
And have our kind of fun for hours.

I really like the way you wrinkle your nose
It makes me laugh hard and not for nothing
It tickles me a lot that you wiggle your toes
When you let me play with your belly button.
I'm very happy to be able to testify
Some things in life are meant just for fun.
Belly button tomfoolery, I promise
Is one of the very best kinds of fun.
MaleXcore Dec 2015
I lay here beside you
Giggles erupt from my lips
As we talk about anything and everything
Gentle movements of the hips

You ask me why I'm laughing
I tell you I don't know                            
But in reality it's because
I'm scared to show      

All these feelings and emotions
I didn't think I could ever have
This feeling of belonging
Residing in my head

I lay here beside you
Your arms hold me close
Lips pressed together
I now feel at home

I know that once it's morning
These memories will just fade away
I roll over a little closer
As my heart now runs this race

Laying upon you chest
I cling on tight
whispers now over power the night

The world alive above us  
In silence they over hear
I now lay wide awake
But I never did make my point clear

I tied to whisper something
But I didn't want you to hear
So I laid there beside you
Trying to find the words to say
When randomly I whisper

"I love you"
"I love you"
"I love you"

They escape my lips
And danced in the night
As I'm still laying here clinging on tight

I know it's to soon
I know it's not right
But In the end
You'll never know
Because once again I giggle
I'm to scared to show
Wish I could tell you...
Sally A Bayan Nov 2015
~~~a  repost~~~
(For Cheryl Love)

I am on this part of the world
while you are there on the other side
an enormous sea stands between us.
We are both just tiny specks from where we stand
it is not a high wall that separates us-
but giant waves and scary
an ocean of strong currents existing.

And yet, we speak, we think, like
we are just a few minutes drive away
it's like you're just next door
a matter of three knocks away
we chat and we laugh cheerfully
like the day would never end
like the sun would never set.

These physical barriers that separate us
couldn't hinder us from smiling
Only a few words spoken
would send us laughing
we see ourselves on skype
the gleeful sound of our  giggles
is unstoppable and contagious
for we giggle just about anything
Our mouths never close,
there is always something to discuss
something to laugh about
like the day would never end
like the sun would never set.

We radiate positive energy
we vibrate with pleasant thoughts
dwelling on hopes that
one day we would meet in person.
We shall have long talks
we shall have long walks
we shall cook
we shall make beads
everything...we shall do together
we won't run out of things to do together,
like the day would never end,
like the sun would never set...

Though far apart,
the music of our giggles
shall play on and on
in our hearts
in our minds
in our ears.

There is no doubt,
our friendship, our music would live on
like the day would never end
like the sun would never set.


Copyright August 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
(my hopes are high, day, we would meet in person... is like a pledge...a continuing prayer...)
Peter Lawliet Apr 2015
14 March 2015 2:33 pm*

Once in while, you need a breath of fresh air.

Once in a while, you need a chat using pure eye stares.

Once in a while, you need a giggle with a friend and a stroll.

Because that's what true ones are fore.
Nena Twedell Jan 2015
I'm doing only enough to get by
day by day
I force myself to get out of bed each morning
because of the pain of knowing that I will never be able to wrap my arm around you in a hug
And I will never be able to her your giggle as we exchange admiration  over boys  that we will never have the chance to hold
Each of us searching for our own sense of belonging but somehow
knowing that we belonged together
like peanut butter and jelly
like mashed potatoes and gravy
like you and I
an inexplicable bond we had
people look at us in as we giggle in confusion
but we only stop to catch our breathe
We had the type of friendship that
distance never mattered
time never matter
The bond only grew stronger
Laughter only grew louder
our memories only grew greater
our dreams grew grander
As we fed each other every ounce of strength we could muster when times were hard
We held each other close when the dams behind our eyes flooded over and we couldn't stop them
But now what am I supposed to do
When my mind is on an hamster wheel
Spinning spinning spinning
So fast that I don't know if I can stop it
When the dams that I've built up behind my eyes begin to overflow
When I am suffocating and have forgotten how to breathe
I wonder
Will I desperately call your number just to hear your voice mail again
Will I scroll through all your old photographs to remind myself
that you can't answer my messages anymore
Will I yell at you for leaving me so prematurely that I didn't have time to prepare my last good bye for you.
Those sparkling eyes, that charming smile
That countenance full of love
You cast a spell on everyone,
Innocence, you are a child!

Your naughty pranks, your witty lies,
Your cries and your giggles
I have no answer to your endless queries
Innocence, you are a child!

You know no caste, you know no creed
You know no envy and pride
You put to shame, men at war
Innocence, you are a child!

I watch you sleep, undisturbed
A picture of serenity!
With a smile on your face and a tear in your eye
Innocence, you are a child!
Vanessa Sep 2014
I was lying when I mentioned that I didn’t care,
That pathetic giggle I smugly used to cover it up did not fool anyone.

The truth is that it breaks my heart,
It saddens me to dream about you so often.

I do my best to remember who you are today,
I find myself falling in love with who you used to be.

The past is holding onto my heart for dear life,
Clawing at my stomach and blocking my airways,
Grinning while I beg to breathe.
They saw her face bright
smiling and laughing
They heard her giggles and laughs
Everyone wanted to be like her
Loving this adventure called life
"She's full of life", they said

Little did they know
She's an amazing actress

Her life is her best performance
She's been wearing costumes and performing
all her life
But no one was able to notice

Or maybe
they just decided not to see
They ignored all the signs
because it's easier than reality
her reality

She deserves all the awards for her performance
Oscar, Emmy, Tony...

All these years
Being around thousands of people
Her family, friends and colleagues
She was able to fool them all

Does everyone who laugh and smile all the time really that much of a happy person?
Perhaps people who are,
are the ones who do that to forget
To forget their reality

"Maybe if I pretend long enough, it'll become my true feeling, it'll become my new reality, maybe..
maybe my performance will beat my depression. Maybe.."
Just see what's in front of you. See and don't ignore.
Lamb Sep 2013
Jack and Jill Remix

Jack and Jill went up the hill
If they didn’t they’d be killed
They had to fulfill a task
On the floor they found two masks

Jack fetched a pail of water
Jill was a naughty daughter
Jill was bad and pushed Jack down
Till this day Jack was never found

With the mask on Jill’s face
The police could not close the case
In fear Jill had to hide
And if they found her, she would lie

She was not very wise
For she had forgotten her disguise
Frantic, she tripped and fell
Accidently into the well

Trapped so there she waited
Boiling all full of hatred
Their mother was full of worry
She stuffed herself with bean curry

The police found out who killed Jack
They had to find Jill at last
After along time they gave up
A man went to the well named, Pup

Jill jumped out, free at last
Hoping people forgot the past
But really she was wanted dead
She just needed to be fed

Mother found her, put her to bed
Next day Jill was off with her head
Mother stayed happily fat
Replacing daughter, got a cat
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