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Nat Lipstadt Dec 2020
*But wrestle I do nonetheless,
                                    for the pleasure of this (non?) soluble
                problem that both creates
    queries & quenches
                             simultaneously, so I break off this
                             thinnest wafer to share with you,
          offering this notional


mine own words return, Halloween hauntingly,
every event adds layering failure to comprehend
and the frustrated anger dissipates into a thousand
Oct 25 2020 Manhattan
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
Bound to an unknown fate
Here, the actions take place
Behind the veneer of life
So many centuries of struggle
Mental turmoil with acceptance
Surrounded by vague elucidation
We have tried many ways
Followed different paths
Traced our footprints of the past
Wherever we have been
Burdened by many more questions
We have many more queries
Insatiable souls looking for evidence
The ground beneath our feet
And the sky above our head
Caught between a strange paradox
We cannot travel beyond
Limited accessibility to the vast unknown
Unknown force limits our enthusiasm
In an aim to reach the ultimate culmination
Will be a befitting finale
For the souls which have been seeking
Those sparkling eyes, that charming smile
That countenance full of love
You cast a spell on everyone,
Innocence, you are a child!

Your naughty pranks, your witty lies,
Your cries and your giggles
I have no answer to your endless queries
Innocence, you are a child!

You know no caste, you know no creed
You know no envy and pride
You put to shame, men at war
Innocence, you are a child!

I watch you sleep, undisturbed
A picture of serenity!
With a smile on your face and a tear in your eye
Innocence, you are a child!
Ayelle Garcia Oct 2014
Why are we born?
What are we doing here?
What will we do
To the lives given to us?

Many questions asked,
Trying to unmask the truth;
But no one else knew
The true reason for living.

Some pursue what they want,
Some take the toll.
Some ruin other’s lives,
And some, clueless as it seems.

Why are given
The life we’re living anyway?
Does Fate play it safe
Or is it God’s plan?

Try finding it out yourself,
You might be surprised;
The people around you are clueless
But you reflect why.

No one else know
Your reason of existence
Except yourself;
Look into a deeper side.

I might have just
Found out my own reason;
If I guess I didn't,
I wouldn't have written this.

The answer is just
In your own self.
Just dig deeper though,
And you might just find it.
The questions I had in mind when I went depressed. A sequel to If All Else Fails.

— The End —