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Vanessa Jan 2015
The red lights stop me,
like a bullet to the heart.

It never fails that a second too long will stray my mind straight to you. I can tell you like her, you probably love her.

At 2am, my heart can't handle a thought so shilling. The radio repeats,
"I'm afraid you're going to slip away", It hits home and I take another hit, As a shed one more tear, before I smile and say, "Happy New Year."
Vanessa Dec 2014
The images I see
Are nothing more than daydreams,
that keep replaying.
Sweet melodies reciting words that will never be said.
Vanessa Dec 2014
Leave me again
Where you left me the last time
I’m eager to feel something familiar
This temporary high I get from you
Is bound to end
The familiar feeling of being lost
Will be more than comforting

It's far too overwhelming for me to be so open
To place my whole heart
My whole being
Inside the palms of another human
I seem to have a hard time getting into relationships and thats because I'm afraid. Putting my whole self out there is actually a little scary.
Vanessa Dec 2014
i could write about cute nights and romantic times
but in the dead of this night, i can't seem to think of one.
Vanessa Dec 2014
i wish i could love you
or i wish i could love anyone
I'm just not ready for it
not yet at least
maybe not at all
or ever

what would i do if i was alone forever?
what about i do with i wasn't alone forever?
where would i go or who would i be with?

inside my head is a strew of magnificent colors
and endless possibilities
excitement and eagerness
the idea of not knowing is scary
to most
but i find it intriguing

curiosity is a beautiful inspiration
Merry 2015 & Happy Always
Vanessa Dec 2014
Tonight I stared at the moon for a little bit,
Longer than most nights.
I wondered if maybe you were looking at it too.
I reminisced about the good times,
And pictured you dancing around the universe.
Shining brighter than the stars you stood between.
Vanessa Dec 2014
I think I'll miss you.

Possibly more in the morning.

The nights with be rough,
Like the seas during storms.

But the mornings with be tragic,
Like all the lives lost in the titanic.
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