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MaleXcore Aug 2021
You were my drug
You filled me with a beauty
That was never ending
So tell me was it worth it
When you drove me into insanity
Forgetting you is not hopeless
But to do so is pretty tragic
For losing you completely
Is what made my heart so dramatic
MaleXcore Mar 2017
I was told that love was within the heart
but to only know that's what I thought 

But the heart can be broken and as well they can see right through 
yet I never even knew 

but as well my hearts not even there
just a hole full of sadness yet it is just so clear

no one can heal me yet no one even tied 
no one can read the truth that's inside

still now and then I see his face the one that killed me
yet now there's still no trace

I was told that pain is just something that couldn't happen to me
but to only know they had lied to me

tears still shed still no one ever sees
darkness still inside of me

the darkness that only wants to be free
free from him the one that dares **** me
Poem I wrote back in like 7th grade for an English assignment XD
MaleXcore Jul 2016
I can feel my heart slowly breaking
Still aching, feeling out of place
Hopeless, helpless and broken
Wishing your heart still felt for me
I know I'm slowly losing you and it's killing me to stay
MaleXcore Apr 2016
She sits in a chair in a small room
Beside a guy whom she may love
Trapped in thoughts of ***, pain and drugs
Twittling of a blade across her lap
She looks up at him
His blink stair says enough
To make her want to get out of here
But she stands and a waits
MaleXcore Feb 2016
Its getting easier and easier to forget your face when all I am to you is a distanced memory locked a way forever in your heart shaped ice box in your tiny cubby space.....
MaleXcore Dec 2015
I've tried to hold on
I've tried to stay strong
I've tried to be the best i could be

But no one cared
No one wondered
No one tried to help me

I've searched for the light
But all i found was darkness
I'm broken and scattered
My hollow heart is heartless

With this said i can't take this
I've found the only way to end it
I'm holding this knife with my left hand
Ending it tonight with my right wrist

I'm sorry I wasn't better
But it's not like my life really matter
I'm sorry...
MaleXcore Dec 2015
I lay here beside you
Giggles erupt from my lips
As we talk about anything and everything
Gentle movements of the hips

You ask me why I'm laughing
I tell you I don't know                            
But in reality it's because
I'm scared to show      

All these feelings and emotions
I didn't think I could ever have
This feeling of belonging
Residing in my head

I lay here beside you
Your arms hold me close
Lips pressed together
I now feel at home

I know that once it's morning
These memories will just fade away
I roll over a little closer
As my heart now runs this race

Laying upon you chest
I cling on tight
whispers now over power the night

The world alive above us  
In silence they over hear
I now lay wide awake
But I never did make my point clear

I tied to whisper something
But I didn't want you to hear
So I laid there beside you
Trying to find the words to say
When randomly I whisper

"I love you"
"I love you"
"I love you"

They escape my lips
And danced in the night
As I'm still laying here clinging on tight

I know it's to soon
I know it's not right
But In the end
You'll never know
Because once again I giggle
I'm to scared to show
Wish I could tell you...
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