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an important event shall
soon take place
where two leaders will
meet face to face

the dialogue being
diplomatic in tone
whereby they'll be defending
a distinct zone

Trump and Putin
showing statesmen like skills
as they navigate the
issues with strong wills

the world anticipates
successful discussions
which won't have any
dire repercussions

their summit must reap
a dividend of accord
for not to deliver would
be serious in record

stability is the key to
good global relations
thereby ensuring cordiality
between nations
Amitav Radiance Jan 2015
Everyone is fighting a duel with life
Debating with it has its merits
We may arrive at a conclusion
To a point of agreement
Where we can live next to each other
With harmony and bonhomie
Life may tilt towards you
Or, away from you
But you are the pivot
To make it balance
Good wishes sail us through
Let’s us pass through tribulations
Challenges are softened
With the soft embrace of wishes
Family, friends and acquaintances
Spurn not anytime
When someone sends wishes
We cannot have enough
In our life
The best wishes of our well-wishers

— The End —