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A glass of whiskey will not stop the pain
Sweet as it might taste
Too empty for *****
Would be a waste
Alcohol costs money so if I'm still going to feel the pain might as well save myself the dime and the effort to procure it
Angel Oct 2020
That glass piece,
fitting so perfectly
into my palm.
Smooth, cold, round,
holding my hand tighter than any ex-lover before.
That ginger kiss upon my lips,
sending smoke to hug my lungs.

Those IV bags dripping of happiness,
shooting euphoria through my bloodstream.

Anything to keep me from feeling numb.
Anything to prolong my inevitable fall,
back to my own personal purgatory.
RC Dec 2019
Oh but Mama, the liquor feels so good in my system
so warm in my blood
I'll bet you never thought I would've listened
but now look at me
filling your shoes, so lost in my boots
I look a little something like you would've
I believe I would reckon.

And Mama have you seen
what a mess I've let these men make of me?
Most of them built on apologies
but they mean what they say
and they like to say it when they're mean.
Oh, Mama,
you should see the things you didn't mean to teach me.

Mama? Please don't be sad,
or hurt, or guilted, or shamed,
you did the best you could with what we had to our name,
My heart's bigger than most
and my eyes are wider all the same
I'll hold it all on my shoulders
I've learned to balance peace with the pain.
You tried
To love
A girl

On the verge
Of losing

A stage
In her life

She could


As a
Ammar Jan 2019
At one point, reality was observed
With a revered gaze
Unfortunately, now
I would trade sobriety
For white lines.
All messed up in the head.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2018
Last night you got high
Had a shot to **** the pain
And you live your life in misery
From the mistakes and pouring rain

Were pulling you to darkness
Today wake feeling groggy
Regretting the same moonlit decisions
You like it better when head's foggy

You are not the only one who likes to get high
Yet plenty of others abstain
Must decide what matters more
Your life or influence over your brain

Clear you can't have both though you try
Juggling problems, they fall out of the air
Watching what you love swirl down the drain
Losing your life, why don't you care?
This is a letter ro myself
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