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faith Dec 2017
they say that beauty is blonde hair and blue eyes,
they say that beauty is being thin and wearing makeup,
they say that beauty is smiling and not thinking for themselves,
they say that beauty is only there when others say it is,
they say that beauty is not for everyone,
they say that beauty is always being happy,
but that's a lie,
i know that beauty is every hair and eye color,
i know that beauty is every shape and every blemish,
i know that beauty is in a smile and that being smart is a part of it,
i know that beauty is always there,
i know that beauty is in everyone and for everyone,
i know that beauty is letting yourself feel emotions,
i know that everyone is beautiful.
Don't judge people, everyone is beautiful.
faith Nov 2017
i woke up to the sound of my mother's crying,
i knew that she wouldn't be lying,
she said that my poppa is gone,
i feel helpless like i'm just a pawn,
my heart slowly started to break,
my body then started to shake,
i covered up my emotions,
and went through the motions,
i tried not to feel,
to not be real,
now i hurt,
because he's in the dirt.
I miss him so much.
faith Nov 2017
i am tired,
my eyes start to close,
i feel undesired,
my body is disposed.
faith Nov 2017
i try to do what i am told,
i try to be bold,
i try to escape the cold,
i try to fit in the mold,
but, behold,
i am uncontrolled,
i am free,
to be me,
to see,
to flee,
from from it all,
i am free.
faith Oct 2017
i am cold,
my hands are numb,
i feel old,
my time is done.
faith Oct 2017
sounds are of the essence,
of life,
and all of the above,
we laugh,
we cry,
we say goodbye,
we listen,
to words,
to the oceans roar,
to the crickets at night,
we listen,
to the breathing of an infant,
we listen,
to the wind in the trees,
we listen,
to the i do that changed you forever,
we listen,
to life.
faith Oct 2017
these old clocks are making me sick,
time is running out now take your pick,
come on now make it quick,
there is no longer any time,
or any rhyme,
your time has ended,
and it can't be mended.
faith Oct 2017
i walk to the stage,
i put on my masquerade,
i take the microphone,
and get in the zone.

i start out slow,
because i know,
that when the tempo gets fast,
i can't make it last.

i blend my voice with the song,
hoping that it'll last all night long,
this is bliss,
give me more of this.
faith Oct 2017
feel the sun on my neck,
shining on me on the deck,
i hear the breeze,
it's rustling the trees.

see the birds fly away,
across the town and across the bay,
think about the life you've led,
as you lay on your deathbed.

your legacy will live on,
until the last dawn,
you will be know as the great,
but you were used as bait.
faith Oct 2017
it has been a long day,
a rough day,
your typical Monday,
i rolled out of bed,
and almost hit my head,
my feet feel like lead,
i'm so tired,
but i know it's required,
i'm not inspired,
why school,
why are you so cruel,
you spin me around like a whirlpool,
i hate you,
you are not my boo,
you make me want to spew,
but now today is done,
you think you have won,
but you have been outrun,
by me,
now you should flee,
and i think you would agree.
I hate Mondays.
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