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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Vampires are such fragile creatures;
we fear the dark, but the light destroys them . . .
sunlight, or a stake, or a cross—such common things.
Still, late at night, when the bat-like vampire sings,
we heed his voice.

Centuries have taught us:
in shadows danger lurks for those who stray,
and there the vampire bares his yellow fangs
and feels the ancient soul-tormenting pangs.
He has no choice.

We are his prey, plump and fragrant,
and if we pray to avoid him, he prays to find us,
prays to some despotic hooded God
whose benediction is the humid blood
he lusts to taste.

Published by Monumental Moments (Eye Scry Publications), Weirdbook, Gothic Fairy and Raiders’ Digest. Keywords/Tags: vampires, fragile, creatures, stake, cross, dark, darkness, light, bat, bat-like, shadows, fangs, pangs, prey, blood, lust, lusts, red, lips, night, voice, sings, darkness, evil, incarnate, soul, hell, tormented, pale, eyes
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
The Stake
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Love, the heart bets,
if not without regrets,
will still prove, in the end,
worth the light we expend
mining the dark
for an exquisite heart.

Originally published by The Lyric

Keywords/Tags: love, heart, regret, regrets, stake, prospect, prospecting, mine, mining, motherlode, heart, exquisite, silver, gold, platinum
erin Oct 2018
she sat by the stake
scorched feathers fell to the ground
and her talons fell
about school.
Vexren4000 Sep 2017
A stake through the heart,
Of a man accused of Vampirism,
A crushed skull,
And writing pile of meat,
Dead simply because
Man is ready to fear and discriminate,
At the turn of a century.

Vexren4000 Feb 2017
I have a feeling,
I shall see you there
staring far off,
with a cold blank stare,
Then the flow of time may take
something I had put at stake
Making it flow with the rest,
Of the long dead desiccated dreams.

Aly Jan 2017
love something in between
love the chase
love the adventure,
but this time
the wings failed to ****** the wind
love the rush
love the warmth
love the ecstasy--
euphoria by something borrowed
love the game
and play it hard
fight or fold
yet what's at stake
is more than I'm willing to risk
My beloved you want to deceive me I will not deceive
You think you can leave me but I will never ever leave
I love you from the core of my heart you have to believe
In every part of my body I feel you and I do perceive

But you have not treated me with that real love attraction
You have very many at your disposal for the selection
I am not perfect I realize but I aspire for ultimate perfection
Beauty remains eternal in entirety and love desires perfection

My heart is injured and bruised and blood oozes to take
You and your charms for my heart and my soul's sake
I want to touch your glowing cheeks like snow, its flake
Your so called innocence and real beauty has put me at stake

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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