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Don't hide your face, don't even cover...
Play like a man, it's just the festival of color'..!
Prepare water bombs and get your water gun...
Fight against unknown, it's really so much fun..!

Follow their path and chase them down...
Color them up and make them a clown..!
Then run fast, back to your way...
And repeat it again, repeat throughout the day..!

Spray the colors and spread them in the sky...
Dance like a crazy on the music so high..!
Bath in that color's shower and make your mood lite...
Just for one day, forget your healthy diet..!

Taste different cuisines: veg or non-veg, tangy or hot...
Fill your mouth with chaat, dahi-bade, drumstick and empty the whole ***..!
Dive into the pool of sweetness, grab your sweets up:
Gujhiya, Gulab Jamun or even an Ice-cream's cup..!

It's not a day just to wear white dresses...
Enjoy this day but don't forget its message..!
“Evils, Sins and Rivalries are made to be thrown...
But Friendships, Truths and Glories are made to be won..!”

Touch the feet of your elders and seek their blessing'...
Forget every challenge' for one day, which continuously you're facing..!
Keep aside your ego and be friend' with everyone slowly...
Spread the colors of love and make this holi even a more colorful
Gujhiya, Gulab jamun are some Indian sweets and Chaat, Dahi bade are some Indian snacks...

Water bombs — Water balloons
Friend' — Friends
Blessing' — Blessings
Color' — Colors
Challenge' — Challenges
Holi is an Indian festival of colors and delights..!
Hamna Jun 2021
Our homes are war zomes.

Made with bricks of invidiousness.

Polished with the indignities.
Plastered by insincerities.

Smeared by censures.
Stained by the scandalizers.
       Shredded by the scandalmongers.
Sayyiduna Haatim Asam  (رَحْمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ عَلَيْه) has said, ‘A malicious person
is not a religious person, a contemptuous person is not a genuine
worshipper, a backbiter is not at peace with himself and one who is
jealous is not supported.’ (Minhaj-ul-‘Aabideen, pp. 75)

Imam Shaafi’i (May Allah have mercy upon him) has said, "Malicious and jealous people get the least peace of heart in the world."

A smoked mirror and a bad heart are not respectable...
It's true to say that we have permitted evils to control our hearts. Outwardly, we are beautiful and caring. And inwardly, our hearts are filled with immense malice and hatred for others. Not only malice but also jealousy, backbiting, and lies. Because of these hidden feelings, our homes are a palace of never-ending disputes. We deceive and envy so many people. Please realize that life is too short for holding strong grudges against someone.
Forgive and forget :))
Adam Schmitt Dec 2020
Some evil walks alone
with a cold heart beat
and a face of bone.
Some evil walks in threes
with a trembling laugh
and with eyes full of glee.
Some evil wears a kindly face
in the street-light chaos
it tempts your full embrace.
Some evil rings a hollow bell
in the whirlwind alleys
on the roads to hell.
Some evil keeps a cool head,
some evil lies in your bed.
Some evil is a ticking clock
lulling you to sleep
with your mind unlocked,
and, while you rest amid
its Mercury lies,
it spreads its wings
and drowns your cries.
Some evil walks alone
with a cold heart beat
and a face of bone.
some rhyming poetry about evil and its various forms.
Tears just shed from my eyes,
Like a part of everyday cries,
But that's not the problem,
Loving someone is the one,
My patience has exhausted,
Is this what you really wanted?

When it comes to trust anybody,
Feels shivering throughout my body,
Darkness is my escape house,
I can sense the calmness arouse,
My evils understand me better,
And it has became my shelter,

New beginnings would be a hard step,
But I can do it without any help.
You can escape this house,
this city,
this state,
this country,
But you will never be able to escape your conscience.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As I look up
Into the stars
I see the sparkle of the eyes
Of the man who loved me
Of the man who nearly killed
My faith
And my being.
He will never ruin the
Stars for me.
James Taylor Nov 2017
The world of today is as crazy as hell
Over populating cemeteries and prisons as well
I don’t know, can I go for a day or a minute
Without the possibility of another getting in it
I don’t mean to judge, but the love, I don’t see it
Seems we're keen to get it on,  if I'm wrong, then  so be it
Now, if you’re reaching this consensus, then the well runs deep
That the world has its issues and the people got beef

The government getting swoll from the toll off the backs
Of the Johns and the Janes, and the Jills and the Jacks
What we earn in return is a zero and a nothing
As the politicians lie, because it’s all about the fronting
Putting on airs for the world and a camera
Need a glass of water, cause their tongues’ got stamina
Smiling real pretty, cool posing in relief
But, the world has its issues and the people got beef

Oops, did he stutter, when he uttered an explicit
Live at five; another political statistic
**** if we do, **** if we don’t; really
Now, enter Uncle Trump; yeah; this is getting silly
He’s rolling out his plan, but see, the Congress ain’t buying
He’s an amateur, a fruitcake, and won’t stop lying
But, it’s not about you and it’s about me
See, the world has its issues and the people got beef

Who the hell are our enemies; and don’t you understand it
That the Russians and the Chinese are rolling up the planet
Kim is just a fat boy, playing in his backyard
ISIS is so over, and Assad is just a ******
Too much time on the swans and the bulls
When we need to get a handle on the weasels and wolves
The terrorist not withstanding, we’re gotta have peace
Cause the world has its issues and the people got beef

The Chinese are smiling and are as friendly as cobras
Ready to attack, when you bend your *** over
Russians are aggressive, but, sly as a fox
Two-faced as a ****** and  as ***** as socks
Bottom line, I think its time to put faith to the test 
Put diplomacy in a coma, cause it’s time to flex
Raise the bar and push them hard; show we're knocking out teeth
Because the world has its issues and the people have beef

Grab the big stick and leave the Twitter alone
Release the forces, scrap the voices, leave the weaklings at home
The strategies are on point and our forces are primed
Put an end to the posturing and the wasting of time
Time to command, not to pander,  Mr Commander-in-Chief
Cause the world has its issues and the people got beef
Neelesh Chandola Oct 2017
A child wakes up , to mosquito bites,
and Christ-on-a-bike-it’s-diwali , the fiesta of lights.
the welcome vibes of halcyon tarried
as hugs and gifts and smiles are carried,
and waving her wrinkles mid-air ,daadi
says today! god , to his land was ferried.

Afar, the bronze herald of worship time,
the temple bell goes off in a celestial chime.
and cometh the priest , for the fire-ritual,
line my pockets now , come on , be spiritual.
but duh! your dhoti hast no pockets , saintly dummy;
tsk.. fret ye not , for it goes straight into my tummy.

mid-morning now , and mummy’s high-strung;
‘dust it well and dust it thorough and dust it till you burst a lung’.
‘garam pakode’ !! cries papa in his croaking tenor ,
‘but one by one’ and now he begins with the manners.
mummy is the last one , picking over the bones,
she always has been , for what a family she owns.

A muezzin somewhere cries the holy decree
heads bow down and a pigeon flies free,
from the onion dome , below the staccato claps
‘Ooparwala ! … ‘ the muezzin gasps ,
and ‘Ooparwala!.. ‘ a crowd chants in tow ,
and ‘Oops ! … ‘ the bird sheds it’s something and *****
soars high , and takes a bow .

hey presto! the night has come.
the moonless night of the homecoming lord.
sweetmeats and sugars and syrups and us ,
laddu-barfi , well , that strikes a chord .

Lakshmi , her owl , the glutton god with his mouse ,
revered an’ pleased an’ fed an’ flattered ,
and coaxed never to leave the house
while out there , bombs and crackers burst and batter.

The witch’s hour already , and the man ain’t home yet
the lord is home , to get things straight,
while the men all out on a greedy conquest;
pennies on the dollar , unwavering faith still,
for the beckoning bait .

A child wakes up , to mosquito bites
gone now is the carnival of lights.
a goddess fled , a father bled
a child scrapes off the waxy remains ,
the leftovers of candles ,pains, and no gains.
Arcassin B Aug 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Boring days like this one wouldn't keep my silence dancing,
boredom is like a cancer that could some times be annoying,
blessings keep me hanging on like cats hanging in there,
luck hangs by a thread and everyone just does not care,

Dribbling thoughts in my head that makes me go insane,
but this world is insane enough but i don't have to add to the flame,
of an undying pain i feel when problems comes to my world,
I could lose everything including the love of my girl,

If the world wasn't so jacked up then it'll be like heaven on earth,
but she just had to grab the apple from the tree , that's our worth,
forgiveness is futile thats why you have to watch your back,
Don't let the evils of this world throw you off track.
Arcassin B Apr 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

feel the pain at every extent of your life,
its nothing new to this game we play or a level of polite,
this was always war in some of our eyes and even gods too,
bringing destruction to countries that don't even need dictating stools,
while we run around and do dumb **** for the amusement of seeing no rules,
so laws can be enforced on us but its too complicated to prove,
thinking back and growing up with issues,
with more problems of being sat on like a church pew,
praise his name in light for better virtues,
we're all dogs on a leash with a bowl of social media to try to get us
but thats not life and this ain't life either....

held up,
so many,
i can't hide anymore..
caught up,
in the,
wrong things,
when i,
walk out of the door..
you could get a piece of my presence,
looking to the sky,heaven knows i learned my lesson,
But i gotta stay in between the lines unless i wanna be saved
i know whats in store...

A soul like you couldn't grow up in a world this cruel..
A soul like you could be more precious more than beauty its self..
A soul like you couldn't be more lovelier than ever..
A soul like you could carry me to new places..

held up,
so many,
i can't hide anymore..
caught up,
in the,
wrong things,
when i,
walk out of the door..
you could get a piece of my presence,
looking to the sky,heaven knows i learned my lesson,
But i gotta stay in between the lines unless i wanna be saved
i know whats in store.
©ABPoetry:RisenLP2017 ©ABPoetry2017.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Even evil watches us and                                                                                          It stares at us just to prey                                                                                             On innocent people here                                                                                                And there and everywhere ...                                                                                        Evil's ugly eyes stay up all                                                                                          Nights' long and all days'                                                                                            Long just to prey on all of us ...                                                                                   That ugly evil creeps like                                                                                              An ugly snake just to prey                                                                                           On pretty souls everywhere ...                                                                                   That's the way with evil's eyes ...
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