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Step through the clouded mist
Reflect upon the silver pane
Assist and improve to renew
the lesser side of you

As the body regenerates
in kind so can the mind
Rectify verbal constructs
There's still time to grow
in matching your actions

Stretch between your
panic and comfort zones
Observe parity with clarity
Lessons in self awareness are key
as you can't always be told what to be
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Donna Apr 2019
Sitting on a train
Joking about with my son
We count stops and zones
Been on a train this morn was much fun and educational for my son too ***
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
I captured,
Clicked them.
They were documentaries,
About fashion,
Fine arts,
Action like sports,adventures,daring feats,
Corporate events,
Parties and weddings.
They were in different forms,
Black and white,
They recorded history,
Made an impact of sharing emotional truth,
Carried memories,
Held important documents,
Reproduced a moment,deep feelings,
Raised awareness against poverty,famine, abuses and disasters.
Reshaped public opinion on Government,
Conveyed emotions,moods, narratives,ideas and messages.
They are my Photographs.
Photography is my hobby and my job.Captured in an instant it tells a history.
You militate my mind
And Rehabilitate
My heart back into normal pace
You're a Rainbow Fish, I'm a Dace
Outcast put in his place
He now wants to go face to face
With what is stipulating his
Progress as a human
His furnace is fuming
You are the one subsuming
His mind when he's angry
Now the anger is dwindling
He thinks of cherry blossoms and her smile
He's content for awhile
While alone
If he heard you on the phone
He'd be out of all zones
Not a single hint of drone
In his behavior
You put him in his best
Your name is lightly engraved into his chest
Only you may know about it
Since it's not tatooed there
He'd rather stare
Into your eyes
Instead of tell you lies
He'll hate himself
If he betrayed your trust
You're gold to him
When he thinks he's rust.
Bella Kiilani May 2017
Where are you most comfortable?

My comfort zone is at my house, in my bed. It's a place that I've known for the past 10 years. It's where I've had countless sleepovers, and movie nights and late night chats with my friends.  In 3 months I'm leaving my comfort zone, and I'm moving to a new place. I'm excited and nervous.  Excited because something new is fun.  Nervous because my whole life is a comfort zone.  I've lived in the same place practically my whole life. I've had a crush on the same one guy my whole life. My main friends are people I've known since I was 4.  My whole life has been basically the same for a long as I can remember, and I love it like that.  I love my zone, and I don't know if I'll be ready to leave it all behind in T- 3 months.
He calls
I leave
She says "Thank you for calling me,
And I wanted to thank you for everything...."
Her voice already low gets vague and vaguer
I desperately want to know
Whats to come
But I know its not mine to know.

It all started when I heard a girl cry and cry
I thought it was outside
My hearing really played tricks on me
The cries became louder and louder
Closer and closer
It was my friend in the next door
I knocked, and ask what's wrong
She can hardly talk
She only gives me her phone
I hold her in my arms.

A beautiful love
Ends over distance, travel, and different time zones
Something that ended before it really began
Her crying tears
Gave me two thoughts
How glad I perviously didn't come to this
How brave it is to love this hard
To cry this hard
She's strong in tears
I'm feeling really week
Never shedding a tear
She said,
"The saddest thing is that
I never told him I loved him"
Trying to find the right words
I told her nothing is set and stone...

I know this is not about me
But I can't help but wonder
When will I let myself fall in love,
Get hurt, learn some lessons, move on,
And be brave enough to start again.

Do I settel?
Is it my will?
Is it fear?
Do I play the game?
Or play it my way?
It could be a way
Too long wait

Please God,
I'm asking for
Lessons to learn in love
Give me the strength
To let down my guard
All I see is love
Time is ticking in fear
Bring him back to me
Or a beautiful new love
I don't want to wander in fear
I just want to be free
Be with a man of my dreams
Who sends me in electric dreams
I'm learning to be me
To bring him closer to me.
Love is so complicated. I don't have even a quarter of experience of love. But how well I ever experience it when I keep running away from any love that I feel it isn't what I want. Isn't what I deserve.
AW Aug 2015
It's 4 A.M., you're on your afternoon coffee
The fuel you drink as black as my night
Still you'll be sleeping long before I will
When this 4 A.M. will have stolen your daylight

By now your tomorrow has taken my weary
This witch hour feels like eternal remorse
A limbo between our past and my future
This night's silence drowning out yours

Are you counting the hours from you to where I am?
Assuming your waking equals my yawn?
Will dreams come to me with this AM turned PM?
Will you love me again when your dusk meets my dawn?
Inspired by Rives' museum of 4 o'clock in the morning.
ATC May 2015
The phone bill is increasing all because of
too many minutes I’ve spent falling asleep
listening to the dialing tone.

Where are you?
I’m sorry it’s so late,
it’s just that I’m still trying to
plan our future but you are
already three hours ahead of me.

You see it’s just that
your present is my future and I’m no psychic,
my present is your past and you
never really had a thing for history.

In certain parts of the world,
a word can have a specific definition,
however while used in a different location
that specific definition loses meaning
and the word is redefined.
I wonder if that was the case for us
for when the words ‘
love’ and ‘forever’ fell from our mouths
over the phone one night.

I’m sorry my dear but my heart will forever be
three hours behind yours.
But I guess I should just give it some time
because I’m sure by then
the hours will cancel out and
I will have stopped caring
just like you have already done.
alisi olelagi Apr 2015
Living in a different era would be marvelous.  
But get this,
They had the same problems that we are all facing today.
Problems that baffle your mind.
"Why on earth are they still debating over it?"

Living in a different era would be fabulous, wouldn't it?
But would you still have the same privileges accessed today?
Maybe some of you but not all.

Living in a differnt era......
if it were possible, would you go back?
Back to the days were life was as simple as black and white.
Didn't really think through this one. But got inspired by midnight in Paris.
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