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I am stunned,
How you stops everything around you for a while,
Your smile is your beauty you carry,
It shines the brightest of all,
Who are you?
Maybe an angel

Putting up a smile every time you walk,
Granting my wish to be happy,
But angels on earth impossible,
Then who are you?
In various possible scenarios I hallucinated,
With numerous eyes bored on me,
Truth strangling my throat with hatred,
Now,yes, now I can be freed,
Well, truth is not that transparent as it seemed,
I know they won't turn their backs on me,
It's killing me inside, pay some heed,
But it will suffocate them for life, then let it be,
Where should I lead?

Away from them,
For their better only,
The Truth is unsaid!
Maybe another day.
The truth has never been simple, it's the honest nature which convince us to see its meaning clearly, decide what you think wise..
Battling with the convictions twirling in my mind,
The deserted ambiance seemed to hear the echo of my thoughts,
Amidst the confrontations of endless conversations between us I sensed an unfamiliar touch,
I turned around while gathering my burden,
A small little kid standing  behind me approached my mind with his gazing eyes,
"Is love painful?", he asked,
My instinct told me to say yes,
But my mind swirled around at our delightful meetings,
Paused on our laughs and all the other memorable happenings,
Meeting his eyes with a warm look I knew my answer,
"No, it's a heaven to live in", I said.
We always dwell on the bad memories about any kind of relationship and suffer in the end, why not savour the moments which made you feel like the happiest person alive.
Shadows hiding our appearances to the core,
Crowd drifting the distance more,
Between us,
But not between our souls,
I bet I saw someone last night,
Not thinking about your rejection,
I just went towards your reflection,
And I embraced you,
It felt like a dream too good to be true,
Somehow you didn't pushed me away,
I expected the harsh words you didn't say,
The spell has broken,
My racing heart has calmed down,
Thank you for at least letting me do that,
I wish this wasn't the last time we met.
No matter how hard you try
your dreams can never be sweeter than mine
Because I dream about you.
Covering my battered soul with a grin,
And I carry my longing to meet you soon in my spirits,
Maybe you'd heal my scars with your touch,
No, the timing have to match,
Yes, I have to wait,
If it means confronting the bruises on my body of someone's hate,
You will come won't you?
It's the least thing I expect life to do,
Granting the exemption,
To reach the day of explanation,
Yet here I wait for my closure,
What's that you ask?
My death, My life's dusk.
That it will come never again is what makes life so sweet.
-Emily Dickinson
Hanging in there with the life support,
Eyes opened with a blur vision,
Analyzing my state,
Needles everywhere,
contusions and lacerations were too there,
Wait, I can't open my left eye,
Oh right! he punched me right there in our fight,
Aah! why does it pain so much?
Oh yeah! he threw pipe at my head to crush,
I guess this was bound to happen,
Because I contradicted,
At every rule which stated biasness,
At every person who eyed me with lustness,
At every time when my gender was the conclusion,
At every stage when my 'no' to them was a confusion,
At every step when my abilities were dejected,
At every moment when my rights were rejected,
Feels like I contradicted too much,
Should I have not?
But then I would have started to do it a lot,
With content I closed my eyes,
At least I tried and fight,
Soon the doctor said I was no more,
Guess I couldn't tolerate it furthermore.
Feminism isn't about making women strong.
Women are already strong.
It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength.
Clear rills caressing the waves,
Brisk breeze twirling on the surface,
With every drizzle I drive content,
And so I am divergent.

Unlike that former sea,
won't burn your blood up,
Tranquil your mind to a faraway terrain,
Shattering the delusions fading your soul into nothingness,
With me this would be your first,
Every moment would be contrasting,
Will reciprocate your reliance with culpability,
Won't defy decisions,
But admire your confidence,
Won't tear up your liveliness with my ambitions,
My aspiration would be the same,
Watching you soaring high like dazzling wave.

You need to acknowledge this,
I am divergent.
"Who gives a f***
about your first love?
Give a big round of applause
for your second love,
because they taught you love still exists
after you thought it could never happen again."

Here I compared love to a scenario where a river meets a sea and the geography of love....
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