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cypress Nov 2020
normal conditions grouped around desires to be novel

himself a victim

out of control high school kids cultivating moldy imaginings

a channeling hinged on dumb animal instincts
cypress Nov 2020
my work sprouts from the simplest indeterminate sense

                                               depicting more than verge death organisms

         freshly ground expectations are composted alongside considered
                                                                ­                                          traditions

          ­                       allowing our vigorous grip of normalcy to disperse

    changing infancy energy into visceral landscapes of amplified color

                                                       ­                                       a falling into rest

where we can blossom into our own embodied environments
An artist statement
cypress Nov 2020
iconoclastic art spirits wildness

served against the knuckles of mainstream engagement

it falls like vinegar in the oils of western modernism
cypress Nov 2020
to come virile & unhinged

contributes wild demands for control

rather an engagement of exact equality may cultivate an intuitive culture
cypress Nov 2020
measuring surface dividers

forms itself in a haven of morality

bred on the surface between incompleteness
cypress Nov 2020
ill-will generated for all

can connect unlikely differentials

the mind exploiting equality

can measure shared intuition
Apart of a set of poems to be published under the zine title: The Simplest Generalized Sense
cypress Jan 2019
depicting more than verge death organisms
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