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Flame Sep 24
You were a Leo
A fire sign,
And I,
A Scorpio
A water sign,
Together we made steam

Over time,
I trusted you
More and more
And I let you
Move closer and closer
Before I put you out

Until one day
I let you too far in
And I caught fire

I remember it so clearly
It was a cold, winter night
And I could see your eyes flicker with desire
When I asked you to warm me up

You started with a gentle spark against my lips,
Then you moved all across my body
And ignited a fire
That grew faster
Than was comfortable with,
But I was so in love with you
That I ignored the voices screaming in my head,
And I let you spread
All through
And into me

And even though it hurt
I put on the face I thought you wanted
And added fuel to your desire

But once you saw me
Conquered and consumed
With your essence,
You left,
And never returned

It took me forever to put you out
Because you burned me
And I have scars deeper
Than any emotion you ever felt for me

Even though I’ve tried and tried,
I can’t let anyone else in
Because when they so much as touch me,
I flinch with your memory
And I feel my body combust

They say water beats fire
But I know
That’s not true
Because you beat me
And I’ll never be the same again
Flame Sep 10
They always say
“Never cry over a boy”
And we’ve all heard that and said “Yes!”
Or “never again”

But then there’s that boy
That comes out of nowhere
That we let ourselves like
That we let our guard down for
That we decide is worth everything
Because he said he was

But I promise you
He showed us different
And we ignored it
And we let him
Further and further
Into our heart
Until one day
Out of nowhere
He decided
He didn’t like it in there
So he shamelessly ripped his way out

Now with my heart torn
And my eyes covered with red flags
I admit
I am hurt and blind
And the person I see in the mirror
Isn’t the person I am

I need to cleanse
To see clearly
Once again

So I will cry,
I’ll cry as much as I want
Because although that advice
Sounds great
Sometimes you just have to cry,
Cry to get over the boy
Flame Aug 24
I looked at myself in the mirror,
Broke a glass,
And held it against my face

Instead of slicing into my skin
Like my mind so desperately desired,
I watched as
My eyes fluttered
And started a steady stream,
Which fell and accumulated
Into a pool at the bottom of the glass

When the stream ceased,
I pursed my lips to the jagged edge
To drink

The sharp glass
Smoothly sliced into my bottom lip
And just as the clear stream flowed into my mouth,
I started to bleed

The blood mixed with my tears,
I swallowed,
And as the salty liquid travelled down my throat,
I realized that I was tasting pain
In its physicality
And yet somehow,
I felt relief
Flame Aug 23
We met on a playground
You challenged me to a race,
I won

The next day
You challenged me again
I still beat you
And that became our thing

Slowly by slowly,
You got faster
And before I knew it,
It was me that was chasing you

At first,
It was

But before I knew it,
It was with everything I had
No matter how much my body wanted to give in
And my mind wanted to stop
I risked everything just to be with you

For some reason
I thought you would slow down
Or at least look for me
The way I always looked for you,
But you didn’t

It was gradual,
So I should have seen it coming,
How each time your stride got longer
And you legs moved quicker
But I was so in love with the beginning
That I stopped thinking about the present and the future
And hoped that we could live in the past

Now we pass each other everyday
You look right through me
I always look back
Hoping you’ll turn around
Because I’m done chasing you,
Or so I say

But I guess that’s wishful thinking
Deep down,
I know
That chasing is for the playground,
A place that we’ve outgrown
Flame Feb 6
My heart is bleeding
But how can you tell
When it’s already supposed to be
Covered in blood
Flame Jun 2019
I look at you now,
And you are nothing like the person I fell for,
And it makes me wonder,
If you ever really were that person,
Or if you were just acting like the person,
You thought I wanted you to be
So you could get what you wanted
And then leave
Flame Jun 2019
I’m sitting in the car
Outside a house full of people
Crying my eyes out
People know I’m in here
No one cares
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