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Flame Jun 2021
I don’t want to let you go
Because I know if I do
I’ll lose the part of myself
That has become my favorite,
Flame Feb 2021
They say girls are like flowers,
But I’m unlike any flower
That you have ever known

Flowers bloom in the spring,
And use the sunlight
As a light source
And a means to grow

I bloom in the darkness
Wrapped underneath my covers,
Beside my pillows,
In a room,
Locked from the inside,
So that I
Can be alone

Flowers need water
From streams and lakes,
From clouds through rain,
After which a vibrant rainbow,
Always awaits

My water comes from pain,
But has the power to heal
As it falls
From the eyes,
As tears,
Drop by drop,
To the roots
Beneath the surface,
And far below

Make no mistake,
Like all flowers
I bloom,
But I operate beyond constructs
Like seasons
Or time
Or weather,
Of the physical

My journey is that of
And growth
That can only be seen
By the beholder,
And to those
The beholder
Decides to show
Flame Jan 2021
I’m so empty
And you’re so deep
That without hesitation
I fell
Just to drown
In you
Flame Jan 2021
Cut, cut until I bleed,
Watch the blood flow out,
I feel

Filled with hunger,
High with greed,
The blood is the water
And the knife is the seed

Watch, watch in silence,
At how the pain transforms into
An inescapable need

And now, now,
I am a fiend
Red marks all over my body,
I can tell you’re displeased

Come on, come on,
Baby please,
What else was I to do
When you ignored my screams
Flame Jan 2021
There’s a storm
In my brain
But the rain
Is clear
Flame Sep 2020
They always say
“Never cry over a boy”
And we’ve all heard that and said “Yes!”
Or “never again”

But then there’s that boy
That comes out of nowhere
That we let ourselves like
That we let our guard down for
That we decide is worth everything
Because he said he was

But I promise you
He showed us different
And we ignored it
And we let him
Further and further
Into our heart
Until one day
Out of nowhere
He decided
He didn’t like it in there
So he shamelessly ripped his way out

Now with my heart torn
And my eyes covered with red flags
I admit
I am hurt and blind
And the person I see in the mirror
Isn’t the person I am

I need to cleanse
To see clearly
Once again

So I will cry,
I’ll cry as much as I want
Because although that advice
Sounds great
Sometimes you just have to cry,
Cry to get over the boy
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