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A M Ryder Dec 2019
Acid on my casket
Buried with the hatchet
Of my fight with this life
I knew I could never hack it
We stepped, unknowing, into the shadows
by social media; postmodern realities emerged,
from big data. We're caught in the world wide web,
Caught between
"the electron and the switch".
Cambridge Analytica,
Data Propira;

by a promise
of what could be,
"Trust your technolust"
was the advice those hopefuls gave me.
Their optimism, innocent naivety, glitched history.
I can't sign out
of my social media account.
Anxiety's got me in her grip.

How do we fight the power,
Will privacy prevail?
Data rights
would promise us
a patch for this great hack,
there'll always be shadows
as long as there's light,
Those who declare
anonymity is
their right.
Cyberpunks, cypherpunks, crypto-anarchism
won't be enough.
As is, potentials' -liberalism and -libertarianism
duke it out.
The electron remains, but one wonders
as 'the switch' gives way
to something all the more quantum.
Recommended watching:
The Great Hack (2019)

Line Seven from The Hacker Manifesto by +++The Mentor+++ (January 8, 1986)
Line Fifteen seen in Hackers (1995)
PatrickHertveld Jan 2019
Cry me a river
And let our blood rust
Slow staining our lust
Pale and dry up north
Our last tears seeking
If it is worth
Though our oxide died
As our rain dried..
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
There was left a gap
that the heaven
did not touch.

The arch codebreaker
hacked in only to find
it's on the face of the earth.
That did the art.

The gap the Golden Cut
is above the rest
is neither in the heaven
nor is here on earth!
Where is it tucked away?

If only one can tell
it's still a ******
still a pure blank.
PatrickHertveld Sep 2018
Put your ***** hands all over me
Creep, scratch my anatomy
Make me your philosophy
I'll make you study
Practice and theory
No jury nor pity
Just  a final probe
As we hope n cope
With the theory or our would be
First line is a hack from a Justin Timberlake song :)
kainat rasheed Sep 2017
best beauty hack you may apply ...
don't forget to smile today...
its right under your nose !!
take that one !!
A W Aug 2017
Hack, hack, hack
At my memories.
Tear at them to show my face.

Follow me like a lost soul to torment me in my place.

All it's doing is making it worse for

How many more?

I can count but I can never undue your raveling.
Can you embellish your pride, when you have no one to turn to?

Such a pity, such a pity it is of how you've become so petty.

A beautiful being so divine falling from so high.

Sorry highness, I won't be there to catch you this time.

Not after a betrayal that measures up to my height and above the clouds.

Not even the gods can save us, from something that can turn so loud.

I will bow one last time,
Maybe blow one last kiss.
But I will never give one last chance.
This was written in a time when I was having tough times with friends in my life. I've grown from then and I want this to be a mark of me moving on. Hopefully this helps somebody.
Mae Alfrey Jul 2017
there has to be some defect inside me
to only attract people
who do easily can leave me
without a fight.

I'll mask these feelings
in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes
in dim lit bars and busy coffee shops.
I am left to accept kisses from just as lonely people that I have never met
and never will have the chance to.

No one shows you the inside anymore.
It's all about the exterior
because as I've learned
the second you show the inside,
they leave and it hurts more
than it did when you were alone.

I hope it doesn't stay this way forever
because God knows we all deserve a little favor
and a little better than what we've been given.
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