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Bundled in white coats
The skeletons look warm
Without their coats of leaves
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 75
Skyler M Jan 29
There's skeletons in our closets,
Bones and skulls we never put to rest,
Creatures and people we massacred,
Won't tell anyone cause nobody cares like we do,
We don't fear anything but our own heads,
The things we've seen but forgotten,
Erode away the closet doors,
Guts come spilling way,
Revealing hidden passageways,
To something better that we've hid from ourselves,
Why we hid it just goes to show,
That we thrive under pressure,
Under our own filth and crimson,
In the little passageway,
The darkness was overwhelming,
To me but maybe not to you,
We stared at each other,
Doubting intentions and sudden emotions.

I was a gaslight ready to extinguish,
You were a creature of fire ready to burn up,
The only thing on my mind was a fateful night alone,
I couldn't tell what was on yours and needed to know more,
You lured me out of the shredded heads and limbs,
I was concerned with cleaning my closet,
My mother warned me over and over again,
You were concerned with everybody and not yourself,
We walked through no-mans-land for quite a while,
In between ourselves and everybody else,
We regretted the idea of emotions,
But I gave into a landslide of blood turned sand.

Where it started baffles me,
We hurt ourselves so much but work so well,
We broke into what life can really look like,
We're slowly healing and learning,
And that's the most important part.
Guvar Thomas Jan 27
Rain down, celebrate my inadequacy
Small strips of my torn down legacy
Colors of my blood, sweat and tears
That have all accumulated through the years
Stick to my skin, cover me whole
Sink through your skin, take control
Cover the floor, cover the wall, it’s all I see
Your reward for destroying me
Is all this confetti.
Skeletons in your closet only proves you were once alive.
I cannot bury these bones somehow...
carbonrain Dec 2018
We're just two skeletons that never touch.

I'm just a cigarette smoking meat eater with hot feet.

You're just as scared as me with a worse temper.

I admire the quality of the fabric you choose to drape across your skin.
Elinor Dec 2018
i truly hope that your skeleton festers beside mine
and our dirt clogged fingertips mould together
even after we lose the ability to grip.
wouldn't it be nice to rot with you.
decay with me
im hiding the skeletons in my closet
hoping they dont come for me
hoping they dont stand up and walk
hoping they dont speak back about the memories ive buried
im on depression pills now so that helps but ive been smoking more **** than snoop dogg
Always Ally Sep 2018
Somewhere in the willows
You hear it through the walls
Starts as a whisper
But then it soon calls

Make your way to
The adventure that awaits
You are the key
That opens the gates

Troubles and trickery
A daring little spell
Bring your wits about you
Hope it goes well

Witches are brewing
Skeletons will dance
Vampires are preying
You'll be put in a trance

Haunted are the willows
Who call out your name
Answer to them
You must finish the game
Amarys Dejai Jul 2018
You won’t live there forever.
One day, you will leave this place, and you will
take all of your things with you. You will decide what to keep and what to throw away.
When you are cleaning out your home,
emptying your room,
what will you do with my skeleton in your closet?
KM Hanslik May 2018
you are the aftermath of what happens when
we stop holding our breath, stop
boxing things up and start to let them breathe.
I am the aftermath of everything
I keep in my bed at night, but I'm learning that I can crush bones
as easily as being crushed.
I am the shards of sharp things we all
tiptoe around to avoid, I am
the softness that settles in your bones when you decide
to stop running away. Add up the cost of
sleepless nights and kissing pavements, toss the body counts
I think you've seen enough cold fingers
for this life.

Make your home in me, let the dust settle gently
over the contours of these walls;
it may be a little
bleak at times, but when you come home here you won't
have to leave any piece of you at the door, you won't have
to tread lightly or keep
your voice soft.  

I'm taking it all in with fresh bursts
of inspiration, drawing you like the only
way out, and I hope
as you're waking up and fitting
your hands around new promises,
you'll leave a blank space for me to write
my name into, I'll be marking
my skin with things we say
and do, I'll be cleaning
out my closet to put your skeletons into.
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