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How expendable
The mind
The heart
The soul
Held trapped in bones
Standing anatomy
And nameless to educate
The valuable
Laokos Jul 23
days go
like cars
go by
like days
by like
cars go
like days
go by
cars go
by in fashion
in form in
unison in

awake to repeat
on time
today as skeletons
flame contagion
bright against
your ripe apple

again arranging
your pattern to
fit   /   feed
the mouth sloppy
below bit-beady
black holes
Michael H May 25
Diligent pride
What more to confide
I've got skeletons in my closet

They move and hit eachother,
Threaten and insult
Every move is assault

To them a wave of happiness
Is a broken bone
a thing to bless.

They are structured wrong...
They will always decay
May they only lay:

In their area
May they bury themselves...
...I want those shelves

But how do they seem to live?
How do they make noise?
Are these things toys?

One step closer...
They stop and stare
Maybe everyone's game is fair

A pair of people
Not a care in the world
Cut some slack as their lives unfurled

Every hero starts small
All the bone marrow making tall:
… the animation of all

The saga of the call
A net in the maul
So only the reckless will fall

The couple's interactions
Will never bury alive the factions
Of all the questions and answers

The lovers have awesome fate
And to clear the air
Is to fortify your mate

Only the bleak,
The forfeits from the weak,
Come to feature the negatives

At first they're meek
Chaos then will leak
Then they'll start wrecking

The good though
Gazing, lusting
Dismantling the fraudulent damaging low

People in the air tell us
Life is malleable
So why the strange fable
Darryl M May 8
Spotlights of love shine upon you from all fellas.
If mine be blinding, would you fall for me?

I want to be that too good to be true moment in your life.

My thoughts on you are an investment,
But feel like an expense.
I’ve been looking for ways to cut corners.
Your love curved in on all corners.

Patience I don’t have.
But you nourish what my heart withers.

When my feet walk not,
Would you step down on me?
Would you roll down and lay dead my heart?
Or would you be the crutches of my heart,
Step by step, reviving me?

Things grown old are young of death,
But I see your coffin next to mine.
I see a unified tombstone.

If I opened the closet and revealed the skeletons of the heart.
Would it be cremation to my love?
Or would you be an everlasting flame?

Do I love? I don’t know.
But the heart echoes pumps to your love.
Tatiana Mar 18
I don't know the words that makes this madness go away.
The words I've spoken are burying my own grave
and I don't know why there are no coffins below.
Where did all the skeletons go?

I think i'll have to get a new wardrobe.
I think I know where all the skeletons go.

I want to try on some different clothes,
but all my outfits seem to be made up of bones.
I don't understand why I don't like my own home.
I think I know where all the skeletons roam.

I think i'll have to hide in my wardrobe.
I think I know where all the skeletons roam.

This is from a song I wrote with a few edits.
Bundled in white coats
The skeletons look warm
Without their coats of leaves
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 75
Skyler M Jan 29
There's skeletons in our closets,
Bones and skulls we never put to rest,
Creatures and people we massacred,
Won't tell anyone cause nobody cares like we do,
We don't fear anything but our own heads,
The things we've seen but forgotten,
Erode away the closet doors,
Guts come spilling way,
Revealing hidden passageways,
To something better that we've hid from ourselves,
Why we hid it just goes to show,
That we thrive under pressure,
Under our own filth and crimson,
In the little passageway,
The darkness was overwhelming,
To me but maybe not to you,
We stared at each other,
Doubting intentions and sudden emotions.

I was a gaslight ready to extinguish,
You were a creature of fire ready to burn up,
The only thing on my mind was a fateful night alone,
I couldn't tell what was on yours and needed to know more,
You lured me out of the shredded heads and limbs,
I was concerned with cleaning my closet,
My mother warned me over and over again,
You were concerned with everybody and not yourself,
We walked through no-mans-land for quite a while,
In between ourselves and everybody else,
We regretted the idea of emotions,
But I gave into a landslide of blood turned sand.

Where it started baffles me,
We hurt ourselves so much but work so well,
We broke into what life can really look like,
We're slowly healing and learning,
And that's the most important part.
Guvar Thomas Jan 27
Rain down, celebrate my inadequacy
Small strips of my torn down legacy
Colors of my blood, sweat and tears
That have all accumulated through the years
Stick to my skin, cover me whole
Sink through your skin, take control
Cover the floor, cover the wall, it’s all I see
Your reward for destroying me
Is all this confetti.
Skeletons in your closet only proves you were once alive.
I cannot bury these bones somehow...
carbonrain Dec 2018
We're just two skeletons that never touch.

I'm just a cigarette smoking meat eater with hot feet.

You're just as scared as me with a worse temper.

I admire the quality of the fabric you choose to drape across your skin.
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