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basil Aug 22
we burn the skeletons
of creatures buried deeper than
the fallen stars that took them
pouring them into our automobiles
so they can take us to the places they roamed

skeletons can't talk
but we tell their stories amidst the quiet
they left us

i wonder if we got them right
my ode to the dinosaurs :))

Sabika H May 10
It has finally become clear,
And you have released all doubts from my mind.
Even though I still love you,
We are incompatible once
We compare our skeletons.
You do not understand me,
But I understand you fully,
And I understand that you don’t
Understand yourself entirely.
Thus you do not know me and
I doubt you would be so kind once you do.
I do not wish to say goodbye,
But my soul has already left and
Our umbilical cord was cut
Once you trivialised that which is
Central to me
And I do not blame you,
Nor do I hold a grudge,
Because I understand you fully:
You preach love and compassion and
Yet you lack comfort and wisdom,
It is because you see through other eyes and not with them.
I still love you,
But it’s time I moved on towards the
Things which reflect my being
And are compatible once
We compare our skeletons.
There are friends who you know that if you told them your true thoughts they would think differently of you and perhaps distance themselves from you because of that, despite the fact that you two may both have pure hearts. There are some friends whom if you had honest discussions with them they couldn’t handle it. And you know deep down inside, this relationship is meaningless and will soon die out and be rendered empty. We need to improve on our own communication, and be patient with one another. But another most important aspect of friendship, is being curious towards each other.
Laokos Apr 24
~every distance is a long shot
within reach of a fool
                          Prv. 𝑓:𝑦

bleed your heart out in dripping
poetic pretense―slip
that inky salamander some silk:

         "the wilting waiting flora
bequeathed their busting bouquets and
     bountiful bosoms unto the world
              in all of its prescient

then read it back to yourself
later and be
absolutely disgusted.

throw it away with all the other
things you've done in your

now reach back in your closet
and rattle the skeletons
lingering there.

finger your dreams in the
dark under pressure
from the mind
to find yourself.

the lightning severance
will sing and
anxiety will
harmonize with the knife.

you've done it again...
****** it all up
and everyone
knows it.

you could eat all the erasers
in the world
and your **** still
wouldn't come out correct.

a lifetime of valleys and
seawalls has made you
an avatar of
effortless blunder.

and you can't stop bleeding
all over the page; white
is red again
you blue it.

bleed in―breathe out
breathe in―bleed out
bleed in―breathe out
breathe in―
bleed out...

welcome to the creative
selina Mar 28
who in their right mind
would choose to hide skeletons
in their closets, of all places

my neighbor's backyard looks lovely
i helped him design it
you should know, i am no fool

not quite six feet under
the casket is more white than wood
but grey really brings out her eyes

                               well, won't you look at that?
                               my love's been immortalized
                               in a sepulcher of stone
emily Dec 2020
Everyone’s got a skeleton in their closet
but I’m still alive in here.
Everybody seems to live a life that’s honest
but mines been a lie I fear.

Well maybe I just want to be "different"
But I know that it’s not the case.
'Cause I have always been keeping to the background
Hiding my true face.

It's never going to be easier,
They'll just see me as a movie monster.
Though I'm only a fraction of the whole
It's still too hard for me to let you know that...

I'm not yet who I'm meant to be but I'll get there someday.
At the very least, I hope I do.
And that I'll still do right by you.

I am not broken, I am not confused.
No, I've always known who I am.
But nobody wants to hear that news
So I'll stay with the skeletons for now...
lyrics from a song
chang cosido Oct 2020
there are days
i only feel like a burden.
someone who fills backseats
so that someone could be at the front.
and the weight of my own bones
are too heavy for a family name to carry.
heavy enough to crush a sorry girl.
my breaths are sometimes apologies
people refuse to hear.
im sorry if i am this way.
i wish i could be something more.
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Devils are walking amongst us
And the only thing left to believe
Is to believe

We are here
Trading skeletons for skeletons
Trying to lighten the load
Because Hell doesn't wait for you to die
To bring you home

Sometimes we wonder
Are our moons for sale?
Are our moons in high demand
Or have they become surpluses?

While we prepare for our last meal
We take our shot at building our paradises
A little bubble, a little refuge
So fragile, so beautiful, so irrational
A gold-leafed imprint of a diamond

The moon belongs to everyone
Like the Sun, the day, and the night
And it's looking to play

If we must drink blood
Might as well pour it in the holy grail
Mackenzie Mar 2020
I saw that you were drawing up stories of you and I so
I reached out and you reached for an eraser and I wondered what it would take for you to drop it and pick me up instead
but you held it so tightly determined to rid yourself of the past, present or future
But there's always a trace of the past on the next page
where your pencil left traces
You flip through books and rip out your favorite pages
but write about the skeletons that you have trapped in those cages and
I wondered if i had the right key
would you open your box of bones for me
so that I could prove to you that I will never leave before you awake
That I pray the lord to take my soul  way before
he would ever take yours
because I could never face it
to live without you
Because my heart still beats every time that you draw me up and erase it
Because I loved you but I rotted away
Waiting for placement
Mackenzie Feb 2020
I wrote fantasies and I wrote about sleep
I wrote about demons and
how they danced around a fire in my dreams
I wrote about skeletons in my closet that suffocated me
I wrote about monsters that I rolled around with
In my sheets and when “I love you”
Used to sound sweet
I wrote until my brain stopped flooding and my fingertips began to bleed

       i wrote until it
          Became easier to
How expendable
The mind
The heart
The soul
Held trapped in bones
Standing anatomy
And nameless to educate
The valuable
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