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Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
Have you ever thought?
It would have been her
Darkest hour;
Innocence being
By the grabby hands,

A molester
Taking her dignity
Without consent,
No amount of tears
Screams and cries
Her pleas
were deaf to their
ears & eyes,

They took away
Her pride,
Using her in worse
Possible way,
Discarding her like
Crawling their way,

Yet, people have audacity
To question her faith,

When demons roam freely
Marking their next prey,

Locking away her pride
admonition flocking
with pride,

Portraying victim of seduction,

A cruel face of
Hypocrisy masculinism
Plucking an innocent flower
Before it reaches
Its full potential
Barricading her life
To isolation,
Have you ever thought?
You and I
Can be next on
(****) record.
Fireflies Jun 2020
Somehow everyone has a mental illness
When did a disease become a trend?
It feels like we are in a storybook
The boy who cried wolf
Where everyone cries out for help
But those whose pleas meant something were left unheard
depression is not a trend. Kids need to stop making it sound so trivial. It makes the pain that the actually depressed kids have meaningless.
N Mar 2020
Kiss my hungry mouth
till death comes to kiss

Press your heart
against mine and
abate my misery

Offer me your lips
to devour
to satisfy this hunger
within my lonely heart
The three acts of love.
N Mar 2020
Will you help me carry my sadness
and throw it away in a deep well?

Will you visit me in a dream and help
me face my heart-wrenching dreams?

Will you wish me goodnight
before you leave me tonight?

Will you handle this foreign heart of mine,
or are you going to abandon it for another refuge?

All I ask is, will I ever be
welcome in your heart, again?
N Nov 2019
Every time I hear the word “love”
I think going
and then going
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018

I dare not dull my mind
with wine, unless it's
truly sweet. As much I want
to rest, I hear my pen's pleas,
as its golden blood bleeds; for
to always stay vertical! Only
on my deathbed, should it
be laid to rest horizontally.

The power of the pen.
I literally find it hard to put the pen down at times,
even when sometimes,  I'm not in the best place
mentally to do anything....
Anyway, the Gala 4 and 5 are out!
6 will be out tomorrow!
Have a great night/day!
Lyn ***
Ayer probé el humo
                            era DENSO

Ayer caminaba por la avenida
                                    paso un autobús
                           gritaba HUMO
Era denso, era espeso, era gris.

Entro en mi cuerpo, escupí lamentos,
camine a la tienda
y estaba allí
con un par de cigarrillos y unos jeans

                            deslumbraba VIDA
buscaba FUEGO

                                                                                           y le sonreí...
Martin Narrod Jan 2018

we make death
we eat breadths
lay in beds
bray and fret

we make death
sticks which twitch up the legs
passing through like a wish
it’s an inside your one-two tease
i stare at your shell
i want to ring your bell
just plant your hell on me
give yourself what you need
please baby please
give yourself what you need

we make death
we acquiesce
feint of logic
till quite obnoxious
eat flesh in keys quixotic
lubricious sycophant rhapsodic
Poetic T Oct 2017
When I wept before you
watching my emotions fall like
                               crayon colours

Painting the floor with immature
did you read the colours I spelt..

Or did you just see irregular patterns
                spelling out my pleas...
that were like chalk drawings
                                       to your understandings
gabriel ackerman Jun 2015
Time is a hallway, long and thin.
Open a door and see what's within.
See beauty or horror who knows what's inside.
Some are dreams that were left to die.
You will see laughter and glee.
And people who never were all they could be.
The disease of wallowing through time.
Is getting lost every night.
When you see someone who needs your help.
Do you spend you time or go someplace else?
Because the hallway is only so long there is an end.
Say goodbye to dreams, hopes, and friends.
For at the end of the hallway you see.
Is a coffin, waiting just for me.
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