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JR Rhine Jan 2017
Art does its best
to translate
the groans of the soul.

Though well versed,
it is not art's native tongue,

and even vocables
are but a semblance
of profound yearning, ecstasy,
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
As I lay here on my bed and groan
I don't think I can make it all alone
I need a friend someone of value
Hell tonight I'd even take some ******
But instead I'll just toss and turn
And wish of days that I could return
When one small space in time
There was plenty of friends of mine
But I knew then as I do now
That good times fly faster than bad some how
RH 78 Dec 2014
Another day
Another night
Another morning
Another journey
Another face
Another job
Another sandwich
Another missed opportunity
Another chance
Another frown
Another light
Another queue
Another crowd
Another beep
Another station
Another drink
Another deep breath
Another groan
Another moan
Another half smile
Is this life?
I see my kids
I feel alive
They are what I once was
Full of promise
Bright eyes
Life bottled
Keep it!
Moments in time I will cherish forever.
Gone but never forgotten

— The End —