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Bants RJ  Jul 23
5 am
Bants RJ Jul 23
I’m alone, with smoke and bottles.
With an itch around my neck,
my feet kicks off the bench.

Surrounded by darkness,
a figure has come to jest.
“Did you do your best?”

Feeling hypoxic,
I try to shake my head “No.”
I look at him whilst my feet kick, longing for the ground.

Lighter by the second,
darkening complexion,
I silently scream, “No. No. No.”

With knowing eyes,
the angel sighed,
raised his scythe, ready to chastise.

Although red, my eyes see the light.
But wait, this doesn’t feel right.
Mr. Reaper had nothing to do with me tonight.

My back felt the cold of the floor.
I’m dying no more.
The ancient one cut my rope.

“Don’t.” he says to me.
“Promise me, try to live.”
But I see him nightly.
I'll sleep one step closer
When the ticking clock
Pauses in eternity
All sound turns into silence
The smell of petrichor
The holy melody
Breathes it's last tune.

The world will die alone
Singing it's song of curruption
People get silenced for speaking too soon
The wise men stay silent
And the poor speak the truth.

I will die lonely
At least i can keep my humanity
Untainted by hands seeped in sin
The bitter taste of iron
The sweet scent as the body grows cold
And i will then see the beauty
In white who i long for.

I will die lonely
While the world dies on itself
Victims of corruption
Loss of innocence
Voices of the twisted
Lurk through the crimson shadows
Where the big bad wolf
Calls all the shots
Eenie meenie miney mo
Which poor lamb will be slaughtered next?

The world will die alone
I will die lonely.
EBTI  Dec 2016
You won't die
EBTI Dec 2016
I don't care
That's what my mom says
It's not fair, that's what my heart says
justice? Who does it these days
I’m ok but my heart disagrees, you know it's only good when you say it's good
Don't calm me down, don't even say it's okay cuz those tears never fall with out me saying “no please no” so i suffer then i let them go
But you will never know, that's the way I choose to go
Don't cry baby don't cry, just wipe your tears and fly, it won't be easy but, at least
You won't die
So I hope you try it's a trip to haven.
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