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John Stephenson Mar 2019
You are my best friend.
Loving, loyal and true.
Loving unconditionally,
I appreciate all that is you.

Sometimes you drive me mad,
When you disagree with me.
I want what's best for us.
My way to show I care, you see.

Everyday is much the same,
We both know the routine.
It starts with breakfast,
A time to share my dreams.

You recognise my moods
and listen to me intently.
You understand my feelings.
I feel your empathy.

Then off to work,
You watch me from the door.
With heavy heart I leave you.
Soon, I'll be with you once more.

The happiness you bring me.
Your welcome when I come home.
The guilt I feel,
Having left you all alone.

Your hugs are special
comforting and warm.
These moments, though infrequent
Make me keep you out of harm.

So now you wag your tail.
It's reached that time of day.
I'll get your ball and lead.
Walkies, let's go out to play.
Aayasha khan Aug 2018
Your coming back to me over again,
           Slowly like the moon causes tides..
This will make the heavens rain,
           Shall I forget the world and confide..
Will we embrace each other's arcane,
          Will we spread our arms and  Hold on to  the light..
          Shattered souls do too find heaven,
In their beloved one's sight..
The rains have this effect on me..:)
When I met him for the first time..
It seemed like I was abducted and thrown into a meadow.
It’s jolt was such an impact, yet overwhelmingly mellow.

The breath of fresh air. Away from all my usuals. But most definitely, my type..

And there he was. Standing with his words all over the place, but he’s smarter..
He has them all decorated like an uncomplicated flower arrangement, better !

When I met him for the first felt like he knows..
He knows how to grab my attention, but he does something bigger..
He exposes his soul to me, opens up in a manner that is a little wee..
Now that he’s naked, and raw.. I can finally feel the marks of that paw..that scratched his soul, it wounded my own..

I wanted to tell him, out loud..
That I was here. And that he could count..
Count on me till the end, for this was just a speed bump, the F1 race is far from over..

When I met him for the first time..
There he was, like an open treasure chest, and all I could feel was like Jack sparrow, at his black pearl’s quest.. I wanted to tell him that this is just the intermission, life has it’s own gradualization..

But he looks up, and cracks a joke that’s fake.. he is trying so hard to hide the ache.. but little does he know, that I pile too, When it all gets much too..
but fear is what gets us going.. defines our being.

Suddenly I feel his breath on my shoulder, for now he has taken shelter..
His hands getting colder..
Yet the embrace getting bolder.
He turns to me.. says will I be alright ? And that’s when I know he was already a little better..a little right.

So when I met him for the first time, I asked him too..
If I could drop my curtains..?
All he could do is be all ears.
And listen to all the nasty anecdotes over my years..
And I think, I finally found my soul mate..
who said it had to be someone you marry ? It could be someone with who you can relate..

When I met him for the first time..
It seemed like I was abducted and thrown into a meadow.
It’s jolt was such an impact, yet overwhelmingly mellow.
JAC Jul 2017
"Maybe I'm not cut out for this,"
I said, knowing he knew what I meant.

"I've never tried harder at anything else--"
His eyes were skeptical.

"Well, I mean, I'm trying, right?"
his eyes remained unsatisfied.

"It's better than you ever do,"
I showed my teeth
to his equal glare.

The boy in the mirror lifted a tired eyebrow
and laughed, in spite of himself.

"Have I made a habit of talking to myself?"
I asked, grinning.

"I listen better than anyone,"
he replied.
Arcassin B Jan 2017
by Arcassin Burnham

We talked for awhile and it wasn't enough , We loved for awhile and it wasn't
And i just wanted to see you...
We said a few words in a matter of four,i want just you to show me
that i'm good enough...
And i just wanted to love you...
You Make my heart say,
The right words that you needed to hear in a certain quest just to find
your prince charming.
You needed a shoulder to cry on in the mean time when he didn't treat you
right, in this feeling.
I use to say to myself,what was i doing wrong in the times of pursuing
plotting ahead , waiting on you to quit him in this life so he could stop hurting
you, but i remember when,
We talked for awhile and it wasn't enough , We loved for awhile and it wasn't
And i just wanted to see you...
We said a few words in a matter of four,i want just you to show me
that i'm good enough...
And i just wanted to love you...

You Make my heart say.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
I wanta go for a ride
Come on climb inside
I want to stop this slide
Let our tears subside
In each other we'll confide
Then we'll put our problems aside
We'll hit the back roads see the country side
Find what treasures they hide
We'll travel dirt roads untried
Come to a cross roads we'll let the coin decide
To no rules we'll abide
We'll take it all in stride
Let the fates be our guide
Over *** holes we'll glide
Just you and me, best friends, side by side
NM Sep 2015
Spill* your emotions,


Be prepared to drown in them.

Late night thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
A Way To Cope

A hidden world, like a heart's inner word
it cannot be seen, nor can it be heard
everyday of your life, it exists
you try to resist, but it persists

Just as thoughts control one's mind
so too, the will power where one can find
a way to cope, or at least to unwind
from troubles and fears that do so bind

Fear restricts freedom, your mind to explore
it is forcing your happiness into a detour
left is desire to find this calm, and be content
better than suffering, with fear to vent

There is no escape, you feel like you're bait
only time now stands, between you and your fate
no respite, whatever you might endeavor to do
knowing those worries, nevertheless, will continue

It plagues your mind, and plagues your soul
hearing inner voices saying, "I told you so"
so once again, withdrawing from that chase
retreating yourself, to your secret hiding place

That place of comfort, and place of security
a location guaranteeing you, your obscurity
time has taught you, you have fine tuned
this is your way, to heal your own wound

Overcoming fear is the only way
it requires patience to wait that day
thinking you can rely, to yourself do you obey
but with time, once again you do go astray

To regain control, of your inner world of fears
you need a friend, with whom to share those tears
someone who has been tested, someone to confide
allowing you to open up, and to no longer hide

A friend who listens, allowing you to mend
on a special someone, whom you've come to depend
that beautiful soul, she alone with her tears
knows that secret, to remove those fears

Your friend for the duration, till the very end
she is not into gossip, nor does she pretend
a ***** soul mate, destroying your world of fears
giving you a listening ear, and her heart that cares
A short poem to let you know how your fear will disappear
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Whispers of Love, they come in the still of the night
carried on the cool breeze, their being ever so light
promises of love echo, as birds flying high above sing
where hearts bound as one, will forever lovingly cling

Whispers of Love, they come from those giving hearts
softly floating from body and soul, waiting to impart
a heart once sad, elevated, with depression to depart
life's ultimate meaning, a long awaited love to start

Whispers of Love, they really come from G-d above
we are only messengers, giving each other His love
unique contentment, found in the fidelity of the dove
a unity of which devotion and trust are really made of

Whispers of Love, emanating from a heart wishing to share
a man and woman carefully choose a partner in whom to care
whether for good or bad, better or worse, together to the end
a world of love to bestow, on the wife in whom you can depend

Those Whispers of Love, are really desires from way down inside
earnestly hoping for that one soul alive, in whom you can confide
so when you start to hear those soft whispers, remember to smile
because your love is now to begin, as you walk her down the aisle
This is a short poem which whispers messages of love
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
How to come to terms with the pain inside
when hurt goes deep, when hurt spreads wide
and where to turn, in whom to confide
this was all that remained, for me to decide

A decision I made, of which I took in stride
though standing there alone, silently, I cried
knocking on her door, that cold winter night
as soon as I saw her, could not tell if it was right

That night was a test, trying to put my pain aside
accepting deep in my heart, it might forever reside
but the power of these feelings, inside of me took hold
consumed by a single desire, with her alone to unfold

Eye to eye we did meet, although our words were few
telling her of my sorrow, her reaction I then knew
those tears in her eyes, hurt me most of all
regret for having once left her, how I felt so small

Taking her hand in mine, never again to let go
kissing her tenderly, irrepressible tears did flow
my imprudent heart, would no longer do her wrong
whispering to her my love, forever my only song
I believe Love Is The Greatest of Medicines!
This is a short poem about love, mistakes, and a happy ending. Sometimes life looks bleak. There really seems to be no more tomorrow, being unable to find any consolation to your current situation. Then there is still hope. There can still be a "coming to terms" within yourself. And in the end, a happy reconciliation.
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