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I wonder if, someday, our souls will meet
When we've been long gone from this Earthly plane.
To embrace, in harmony, where the air tastes ever sweet;
Where we are spared from every ill and pain.

I know our past encounters weren't the best;
We parted ways, heartbroken, with a sigh.
But if you slip, and then I too, into that peaceful rest,
Might we put our wounded tempers far behind?

I love you, though you've since forgotten me.
I sing it to the world with fearsome wail:
"My heart, t'was waste on deafened ears, on eyes that could not see
Past the emblem of obedience in the veil."
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019

Lightning flashes through the sky, but
Indigo flashes through my eye;
Exquisite beauty floods my every sense.

Trifling all my problems seem,
On reflection of that violet gleam;

My heart, to this beacon, makes its recompense.
Youthful steps, with springing haste
Swiftly dancing, delicate grace;
Enthralled in ecstasy, I float away.
List'ning to the honeyed melodies,
Forever I am lost unto the indigo breeze.
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019
"Tonight's not a good night to die," he whispers.
"There is never going to be a perfect night to die!" she cries.
"Exactly," he says, and he holds her close.
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019
'Tis the season moms go crazy
falalalala la la la la
Buying things for their "sweet baby"
falalalala la la la la
Hide we now from all the Karens
Falalalalala la la la
Target's flooded with screaming parents
Falalalala la la la la!!!
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019
You are a brilliant platinum giraffe.

Don't sell yourself short.
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019
Like a cheese grater
In an elevator
My life is great on so many levels.

Now I stand, trapped
On an escalator
Will you approach my empty stair?
Very punny...
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