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  6d NM
She Writes
I am done trying to prove my worth
To those unworthy of me
  6d NM
and every day I'm learning...
it's okay to not be unique.

because the human race is so utterly beautiful
art, music, science, discovery, exploration, adaptation
love, warmth, healing, unity,

i could ramble for eternity

about how much i love human beings

so why should it be an insult
to be just like
my fellow man

when everyone is so beautiful, so worthy, and so human.

what an incredible thing to be
i don't love life right now, or even the people around me, but I have friends and humanity as a whole and all we've accomplished and all we've done is amazing. Just take a walk around where you live and really think about it all, everything. It's incredible.
  6d NM
In life,
we shouldn't be
counting every steps
we've made,
instead we make sure
that every step
we've made,
  6d NM
I hope to be
one of those people
who never lets you forget:
you are loved.
  Jan 12 NM
Word farer
Until you never understand yourself
Believing people will understand you is worthless...
#todaysrealisation #truth #bitter
  Jan 6 NM
It’s a dangerous and absolutely terrifying  thing to love and be loved
NM Nov 2020
When it seems like all hope may be lost,
Just remember that after the last fire burns out, the lands will blossom.
Unknown, old entry from years ago.
Make of it what you will.
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