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Sierra Blasko Mar 10
there will be those who come after us
soft boys and tough boys
rough girls and fluff girls
and every shade of other in between
they will sit where we have sat
and talk of what we said
and we will hand our world over to them
and they will take it
this fragile trembling beast
(we called it earth)
and it will be their world
and it will not be the same world
this earth-thing, this legacy
relies on every story
every creature that has ever walked across its skin
and I
for one
will tread lightly
and paint flowers instead of trampling them
Sierra Blasko Jan 15
Red is Mondays, swirling in a poisoned cloud
Like the aether
Ready to grab my hand
And throw me into the middle of the week
Before I know
What it is exactly that I have touched
And before I am ready as well

Red is apples
Macintosh melancholy
And candle wax galas
Red is an explosion
Of dark magic
Red and black, the perfect duo
Twisting and weaving in their dance
All low notes
And timpani rumbles
And middle C
And like the dueling harmonies
Red is too loud
Too bright
And at the same time
Always present
Always safe

Red is blood
In the same way my emotions are of pearl
Luminescent and shifting

If you see them
Something’s wrong
  Dec 2018 Sierra Blasko
Forget me,
I ask you.
I forgot my smile,
I forgot my laugh.
I forgot me as a child,
I forgot my wrath.
For I have forgotten myself.
So don’t try and think that I am near
I won’t be here
And go away,
Once I fade,
Forget my wrath,
Forget me as a child.
Forget my laugh,
Forget my smile.
I ask you,
Forget me.
Sierra Blasko Nov 2018
If we say goodbye
I will write you a poem
I am a poet,
that is the way of things.

you are lucky
if I write you a poem that says

because to admit
that something happened
is nothing


to admit there might be something
that isn't yet, but could be
hanging in the air

is everything
Those involuntary thoughts of hurting yourself,
to cut yourself,
to tear your body to pieces.
To cry without restraint.
To scream so hard your voice breaks.
To break into chunks of fat and mold,
colliding onto the floor.
To dissolve in the ocean,
To self-combust;
To be born again and whole.
ffff, on my way there. grabbing some eggs and milk from the store. why did you want milk again? you know we never end up using it.
-October 8, 2018
Sierra Blasko Nov 2018
If you see me out with makeup on
Pray for me.

If I am out with lips stained hues
Of poisoned berries and rotted fruit
And skin so like an airbrushed doll
You wonder if I am real at all
If the gleams of sparkles under my eyes
Catch the light and make you blind
If my wings take flight in the wind
And my lashes drip ink like a sin
Pray for me.

Because the color on my lips is there
So I don’t forget my voice.
And a porcelain face can smile as long
As its cracks are covered with paint.
And the glitter alit on my cheeks
Covers the bags of too little sleep
(when my soul is so tired I just want to cry
it’s nice to feel pretty with something that shines.)

So pray for me
Because today, I have put up my walls
My heart is down and I am small
My makeup is not a show for you
It’s a reminder to me that I’m visible too.
  Oct 2018 Sierra Blasko
Its the days when you don’t cry,
But you don’t smile either.

It’s the days when you’re quieter than usual,
And people notice.

It’s the days when you arnt quite thinking about anything.

But if someone asked you what was wrong,
You wouldn’t know where to start.
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