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TIZZOP Dec 2019
even the strongest
even the wisest
even the most spiritual

saviors have to be saved:

through faith.
They need you.
Today is a good day.


Regardless of your skin color, gender, age, money, ****** identity, religion, atheism, cultural and historical background.

God is good.
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
So the nature
the dirt of the past
is crushed under
the wave of the future
old relics of freedom
stuck in the sands of time
and an army rises
from the ashes of coffee
and newspaper stories
heroes and nightmares
metallic eyes
arms tied to strings
pulled by those
forever gluttons
in power since
the beginning
however silent
they pull
on their little
and we forget
our saviors
in this ocean
this new sea
of indifference.
XPY Mar 2018
I mean yes,
Fear can rule.
But those people-
The ones who think
They rule fear,
The ones who think
They are fear,
Never account for
The few
Who stand up straight
And spit on Fear
They will stand up
And slap you, fear,
in the face.
They are the ones
Who will save us all.
~ Let's start a Revolution ~
they have been watching us since our birth
like concerned mothers watching their babies grow
from afar, yet with a close eye

they realize that their undisciplined and unworthy children
have gained control
and have silenced the majority through deception and greed

they realize that this has brought the paradise they founded
to the brink of apocalypse
and they have begun steps to alter this destructive path

they are here now
they have said hello
in the crop circles
in the clouds
in our dreams

the children free of greed
free of power driven thought
and open to the idea that the beauty given us
is all we need to sustain
know this

it shall happen in our lifetimes
the signs are there
and soon
when they feel we are ready
they will end the flight of a bullet
or a missile
before it completes its life ending path
and before us they will proclaim for all the world to hear...
oldie - slightly revised
The Willow Dec 2015
How can you be
consumed with love
but not in it?
He and I
are speckled with fireflies
all around us
within us

we are the liar fighters
marching on a high wire of vulnerability and despair
and on the other side is the neighborhood of the souls of our friends
they are alive
but they are not well

we grab hands on this tight rope
and sometimes he carries me
because he knows how I'm afraid of heights.

But I'm trying.

We slept under stars barricaded by clouds
but we didn't mind,
We were blinded by the stars burning in our bottom left ribs
where we keep our empathy.

We held hands
but it wasn't planned
it was only necessary

so quiet
my mind was so quiet
it should never be this silent in a situation such as this

"I should be worried about what I look like
What I'm saying
If I'm desirable.

So they don't leave.
So I have more control. "

I am out of control
I can't force him to stay
but for the first time in a year
I might have found a home.

How can I not take the chance?

How can I not stay?
Dedicated to the Lion Man.
Each passing millennium and I'm left without.
A dying breed and here you stand in doubt,
But never leave me in my lonesome
Because it kills me and makes me stronger.
You wouldn't want to see who I've become,
You'd hate me like they did
And would wish me dead.
You gave your lives for me and I have disappointed you.
They say, "Weep child, for you have lost everything."
Others have said, "Stand mother, for we give you our faith."

It has been seven millennia since I've last spoken to you
And now I have my last favor to ask,
"Could you ever forgive me for letting you be my hearts?"

— The End —