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mitus Mar 14
these butterflies have turned into moths
mitus Mar 5
I want to stop writing about you
And start writing about somebody new.
Hey, I miss you. I love you. Hope we can meet another day in another year and become friends or something.
mitus Feb 19
just think of us going up
up up and away
as far as your thoughts can bring you
astonishing, just the thought of your eyes
and im on top of the sky
the stars on a breezy night
and you leaving, scares me with a fright
now it's actually happened
no reason whatsoever
my god, you were my treasure
now i'm unsure of what to do now
now that you're no longer here now
and im crying everyday now
without you beside my side now
and i cant stop thinking about you
and i really just don't know what to do
without you
hi, you're not reading this but I love you. I love you with all my might.
mitus Feb 3
I know
you're a
I can't
  Jan 25 mitus
one day i’ll grow up
and i’ll become the girl
who falls in love with a boy
and makes him her world;

i’ll go through my life
with a hand by my side
love in my heart
and a man on my mind-

a man like my father
honest and true
picks me up when i’m sad
paints me pink when i’m blue.

one day i’ll grow up
and find a love of my own
start a life together and a family
buy ourselves a home.

i’ll go through my life
with an eternal kiss on my lips
through the pain and the fights
any stumbles or hardships.

i’ll be a woman like my mother
a warrior of her own
strength exuding through every breath-
with him, and alone.
poem in praise of my parents. thank you both for teaching me everything i know about love.
  Jan 25 mitus
is it bad
that i can already taste the goodbye
on your tongue?
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