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Ashlyn Rimsky Nov 2019
i open my arms to the wind
and find it uncomfortably still

there is something eerie
about the way you
can be submerged
in something
(or someone)
but feel nothing

i wave my hands
back and forth
like a cab-call
to feel it on my skin

the first time a boy kissed me
i asked him not to.
he held me tight
while no one was around
and told me
he would not
let go until i did

i called it love.
now i write poems

and maybe i shouldnt write love poems
for men that i have only looked at from across a room
and maybe i shouldnt tattoo his name
in hearts on my arms
and go on honeymoons before the wedding

but if im being honest
i have so much love to give
that the fantasy of you and me
makes me think that maybe
up is down and down is up
and that for once, maybe
falling might not be so bad

when you teach me parkour
you tell me there are softer ways to land
tuck, roll, spin out, land gently on your toes
falling is not the worst thing if you do it right
but it takes time to learn
and if i am honest
i am writing love poems before
i've learned to rhyme or reason
recite to you my flat lines
trying to turn the snaps into
a CPR jumpstart for love
plug into you
a broken battery,
just trying to recharge
all of my rusty parts
that I, lay before you
as if getting *******
would fix the gaping
hole in my chest
thats been out of
comission for years now

when you tell me i am _
and introduce me to your best friends
i feel the walls fall down
like piles of clothing around us
like makeup washing down a drain
like scrubbing rust off an old pan
i stand here raw and real, and still
you tell me i can stay over
for the first time in a long time
i say "id like that"
press two lips to a forehead
and two hands to a chest
take a moment to take in
the man that is
lying so beautifully next to me
lying so beautifully next to me
lying so beautifully to me
my body hits pavement
i would really appreciate any honest feedback on this poem. what is your take on what the message is? what confused you? what parts sounded awkward? are there any lines you loved?

thanks so much!
Millie Jul 2019
Tick tick tick
The time bomb no one saw coming
Except me
And I watched helplessly
Emotion so far from me
As it all went down
Andrew Jun 2019
I was a moth,
drawn to you
like a candle-
until you blew out
the flame.

- A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
We all have that person who we are drawn to at some point, whether it be a friendship or relationship, that just ends in a way that blindsides us.
Sienna Feb 2019
i see that you're home,
body curled up in bed
damp pillow underneath
i say you've been missed.

i tell you im sick,
though you should already know
i have dreams at night
but you don't keep them in the morning.

blinded by paradise,
you planned to never return
i told you perfection's impermenant
i guess you('ll be) forgot(ton too).
(but i won't tell you that part)

came back to me shattered,
the pieces diverged
left you bleeding out
but the timer, you set.

so please, dear, do hold on
just consider one last thing:
do you regret going
just because you couldn’t stay?
i think not.
Charlie Dog Feb 2018
Do you see me?
Or is your ego so massive
That it constructs your vision.
Do you know that I'm even here?
Acknowledge my existence. Look me in the eyes. I'm here. I'm here.
Julia Apr 2018
You said that you loved me;
my hearing is 20/20.
So are my eyes.
I saw nothing
but your mouth moving
to save yourself
from loneliness.
Shaina Mar 2018
A man you shall not name
For he has made a claim
He screamed and cried at her
All she said was sure
But deep down she was hurting
Down in hell they were burning
It was all her fault
Her heart was a vault
Filled with love of many
But he didn't love her like any
He loved another, the same side
The naive girl lied, she didn't take pride
The oblivious man fell in love with this girl
But he didn't mean to break
The young girl's heart ached
The man had no clue
He had to pull through
The girl stayed in silence
The man disappeared from her presence

The young girl ran away
She left a key
A lost emotion
A lost heart
A lost soul

A girl ran away
She ran away from a man
A man you shall not name
inspiration of a young boy i used to talk to that suffered unfortunate events. i believe currently he is living at his best, and being happy.
KM Hanslik Mar 2018

I’ll never know
how many times you thought about calling
before I told you to go the f-ck away
(I don’t want to know).
I’ll never know why I put up with
your ******* excuses,
shaking from panic attacks and suffocating
and passing it off as love.
I’ll never understand myself, because
I always said I’d be the strong one, but when it came down to it
I caved so easily –
you beat me
because I didn’t see you coming,
by ignorance.
For six months, I gave myself to you
coming back for more before my wounds had the chance to heal.
For six months
you possessed me
and I felt like dying.
Six months
learning how to break –
how long
re-learning how to love?
PrttyBrd May 2010
Blindsided by near tragedy
Bullied by unanswered questions
Elation tempered with doubt
Too frightened to be free
Best attempts continue to fail
Escaping to nothing
Nothing in return
Empty or just too full to feel
Irreplaceable time
Withering and wasted
Searching beyond hope
Looking for the good
Holding on to rainbows
Spontaneity dies slowly
Restless minds swim too fast
Shades of yellow in a fog
No memory of yesterday
Pulled back into now
Unable to process more emotion
Unstoppable floods
Undeniable bonds
Unwanted feelings
Unconditional everything
Emotional vampirism and parasitic tendencies
Leave nothing behind
Overwhelming need to help
Bound by limits
Pulled by love
Torn apart slowly
Unable to heal
Unable to deal
Left bone dry and used
No one to blame
No cycle to break
Taking your sorrow
Swallowing your pain
Carrying your suffering away from you
As you heal I disappear
- From Sunset to Sunrise

— The End —