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John McCafferty Jan 2020
Morning risers
No surprises the days begun
Come freshen your mind
Present yourself and
step outside with sharpened tools
To help the world

When light withdraws
Slow your thoughts
Reflect and heal to
recover from another time
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Isaac Aug 2018
in only three
days I will be
pushed out of
the category
of being super young
my twenties have begun
I secretly hope
that I won't lose the fun
of life and living
getting and giving
dancing to the tunes
my heart is singing
dreaming dreams
scheming schemes
excitedly studying
captivating themes
hoping big hopes
crossing thin ropes
and climbing over
giant big slopes
as the next lot
of years slot
their way into me
I hope I will not
lose my inner child
by becoming mild
may my heart forever
burn free and wild
Written 17 August 2018
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
I'm no longer taking poison,

The ingestion had to stop,

But all the hurt that I have felt,

Is enough to make me drop.

There is no quick solution,

To the harm that has been done,

Though I'm heading down the right path,

The journey's just begun
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
One more, then another,

I never know when I'm done,

The monster that's been lurking,

His night has just begun.
Haley Elizabeth Jun 2015
Corey Dec 2014
I turn off my lamp
And sit on the dark
And wait for the rising sun

I think about what I've started
What I've done
And what I will become

I think of the passing time
My limited time
What I've yet begun

I think about memories
That embarrass me
My heart weighs a ton

I think of melodies
That have made me think
And lyrics that have stung

I think of conversations
I've had in the past
Where I've had to bite my tongue

I think of caving in
And staying silent
And all the times I have succumb

I turn on my lamp
And pick up my pen
And write 'till the rising sun
Jasmine smiles Jul 2014
There is no way of knowing the Truth,
That's something we never realize in our Youth.
We search for answers as to Why,
So many people hurt us and make us Cry.
But answers like that are never There,
Because most times life just isn't very Fair.
We are just trying to find out who we really Are,
But it feels like I never get very Far.
"Just do what you think is right you will be Okay."
But what if I don't know whats right Someday?
But I will just try to grow Old,
Without the world making me cold.
But I promise to myself to stay Strong,
Even when the sorrow lasts far too Long.
I will also stay strong for Others,
I truly believe we can help one Another.
So when all those you care for Flee,
Just please always have faith in Me.
Together we will find the means to Fight,
All our demons that cause our Fright.
I will never let anyone extinguish your Light.
So we shout from the rooftops with all our Might.
"We are young but we wont loose Sight!"
"Of the lovely things that keep us a Flight."
We are Young,
Our lives have only Begun.
Tyler Man Apr 2014
As death Knocks on my door
I can feel my face hit te floor
I don't know anymore
Don't care about rich or poor
Knowing my heart
Slowing an tearing apart
Pain inside
So many times I'd hide
But now I'm done
No more fun
Just a feeling so scared
Something I've never feared
Something I thought I wanted
And now my mind is haunted...
I don't want to leave
So much I'd like to achieve
But in that last moment there's peace
A vacant mind no tenant no lease
My life is done
But something else has begun

— The End —