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John McCafferty Jan 2020
Morning risers
No surprises the days begun
Come freshen your mind
Present yourself and
step outside with sharpened tools
To help the world

When light withdraws
Slow your thoughts
Reflect and heal to
recover from another time
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Danielle Witt Mar 2019
I have heard of the horror stories
Of those who were just trying to break free
From those addictions
That had drained their host for so long.

Never believing I could be one of those pale, hollow bodies
Until it was 4 am,
And a text from you
Has yet to darken my home screen.

Tremors quaked through my limbs.
Not even my pleading mind could stop
The seismic waves created by
The heart of a lonely soul.

I needed my fix.

My stomach cried as it demanded to be drained
Even though its argument with Mind
Had already left it very empty.
It refused to be silent.

Anything to relieve the pain.

Mind is perhaps the loudest in this catastrophic event.
Altered happy memories are shown as a movie marathon;
The insults were merely commercial breaks.
However, the toxicity and the fights were hidden behind the stage curtains.

A second of weakness is all it takes.
As the phone’s dial tone ends,
A sleepy “hello” flows out of your mouth
And into my vein...

Then compete and utter bliss.
Cold sweats and cuss words
Body weakened and defeated
To long for something that you dont want
To desire a quick death
My head, rings louder than a mobile phone during sunday service.
Stress seriously stirs within my day.
My will disintergrating litte by little,
I will fall
But I refused to break
Everyday, every step, every breath
a test against my myself
I wont give in,
I wont give up.

— The End —