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Jul 2014
There is no way of knowing the Truth,
That's something we never realize in our Youth.
We search for answers as to Why,
So many people hurt us and make us Cry.
But answers like that are never There,
Because most times life just isn't very Fair.
We are just trying to find out who we really Are,
But it feels like I never get very Far.
"Just do what you think is right you will be Okay."
But what if I don't know whats right Someday?
But I will just try to grow Old,
Without the world making me cold.
But I promise to myself to stay Strong,
Even when the sorrow lasts far too Long.
I will also stay strong for Others,
I truly believe we can help one Another.
So when all those you care for Flee,
Just please always have faith in Me.
Together we will find the means to Fight,
All our demons that cause our Fright.
I will never let anyone extinguish your Light.
So we shout from the rooftops with all our Might.
"We are young but we wont loose Sight!"
"Of the lovely things that keep us a Flight."
We are Young,
Our lives have only Begun.
Jasmine smiles
Written by
Jasmine smiles  no future, USA
(no future, USA)   
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