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Haley Elizabeth Feb 2018
This temporary emptiness
feels equivalent to a million wine glasses.

You're fragile, drunk, and dying.
That's a lot of alcohol.
Haley Elizabeth Feb 2018
How amazing is it
that human beings have the capacity to love things?
My heart, she
is a muscle,
an *****,
a symphony in my body.
Her tissue is made up of courage and strength,
but she shows me;
It's okay to be weak.
I love her,
more than I have loved anything.
Her positivity flows through my veins,
the beauty of my bloodstream.
She is the reason I think and breathe;
for that, I owe her everything.
I'm feeling especially grateful to be alive today. I decided to express my gratitude towards my heart for helping to make that possible.
Haley Elizabeth Feb 2018
So, here's the thing.
I think I forgot how it feels to be alive.
I know what you're thinking
how could you ever forget something
so simple, so mindless, so ******* beautiful
such as the life that chose to be lived by you?
It's complicated, exhausting, and honest-to-god terrifying.
I've never been more afraid to be afraid
But I'd be lying to you if I said
I would ever give up trying.
I'm slowly learning not to sink
through loving, learning, heart-beating.
I'm remembering the concept you could not grasp
Happiness is nothing but a feeling.
Hello, fellow poets out there! I was inspired to respond to a comment I got some time ago. I wanted to express how important it is to express how you feel, no matter the emotion or how you fear others may respond... Happiness cannot happen without sadness, and I stand before you today completely unapologetic.
Haley Elizabeth Sep 2017
The river's current was supposed to be weakened by the barricade
but the bags of sand and the bricks of clay that once gave her closure,
reside years beneath her murky water.
Where do broken hearts go?
Do they get lost at sea?
Do they float?
Do they still beat?
Or do they find a home?
Perhaps it will reside with the girl
who thought her warmth could thaw he who was cold and ******.
She couldn't, though,
because his alluring bed of rocks broke more than just her bones.
Because you see, her barricade that was weakened by the river
caused her lungs to fill with that murky water.
She wasn't lost.
She didn't float.
There was no longer a heartbeat,
so she no longer had a home.
When I looked myself in the mirror,
I couldn't help but choke.
My 1 AM thoughts, but I am not my thoughts.
haha get it, **** like a dam?? also "****" as in daaaammnnn that's dark. I think I am funny.
Haley Elizabeth Jun 2016
If he said it was right
to wake in the morning & wish to go back to bed.
To be so full of life,
then so full of these feelings for whom I've never met,
only in death,
I'm not sure if they were even a person yet. They must've been; I created it.
It was half of me and half of him, & I think I wanted it.
I've labored a shrivel of death,
far too many times to try to forget.
Back and forth in my head.
Do I regret it?
If you never let it take a breath,
then why is it dead?
That's what he said.
I wrote this for my English class, and I thought it would be worth sharing.
Haley Elizabeth Jun 2015
Today I lost my sanity.
But tonight gained my wings.
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