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Sidharth Suraj Dec 2020
Living this conflicting life of regret and reality
living this conflicting life of confrontations and morality,
treading on this weak link of trust and animosity.
Living in this fear that what if those memories ever return,
or if I am even human enough to be breathing with them.
PTSD is a real problem but a lot of people, discard it stating it as scars of trauma, stop treating them like scars when they are deep wounds on their conscious.
V Nov 2020
-That red flags, never turn green.
I had to learn it the painful way....
ChillNPsyco Aug 2020
My blood I willingly spill onto the page
It takes the form of words to engage
A written expression of my life's insanity
It exposes my darkest truths for all to see
Unwilling to admit it's existence to myself
Darkest of thoughts I place upon a shelf
Behind my smile I've concealed this reality
I fear the possibility of my broken mentality
Would others not think this to be true
If asked for help what would they do
It goes unnoticed each time I reach out
That someone cares I begin to doubt
Hope I once held slowly fades away
Deeper into this depression I fall each day
Why does no one care enough to see
The emptiness I've hidden is killing me
Someone to talk with I have not found
Paper now keeps me mentally sound
With pen in hand I have learned to speak
In poetry I have a voice that's unique

Its about dealing with my depression and finding, through poetry, a positive outlet for my suicidal thoughts.
ChillNPsyco Aug 2020
I reach out but no one hears
    Within the silence are my worst fears

Why do I look for reason in every day
    I tell myself I no longer wish to stay

The pain reminds me I'm still here
    Always pushing away never pulling near

All this time alone woundering why
    To be a part of this life at times I try

A room filled with many I'm still alone
    A feeling not changed in an empty room at home

This life perhaps never ment to be
    For so many yes maybe not for me

Whispers in the dark voices I can't see
    Often they convince its time to fly free

Light fills my eyes each day I wake
    This life is not mine...
                            Not mine to take!?
Meadow Jun 2020
I can’t sleep
I don’t eat
I won’t sleep
I won’t eat
I won’t do anything
I hold fear in my eyes
That you’ll appear
You run through my mind,
Conscious or not
I can’t shake your words away
Or the feeling
Of your hands
You get in my head somehow
Without even being around
I don’t leave the house
In fear of seeing you
Other than what my mind already does
On repeat.
Never ending.
YY Oct 2019
Why worry about something that is not in our control?
Why do we try to fit into some role?
With endless love, fulfilled with flowers,
You'll have way better inner powers.

Not with good looks, but with heart's beauty,
You can give back your given duty.
Not with false words and deprivation,
But with sharp focus and true dedication.

Don't look up or down, but far ahead,
The more you do - the more your love will spread.
Not the platonic wild obsession -
But calm and positive progression.

Don't try to own one's feelings, cause aggression,
Stop making someone your material possession.
Do good, not harm, don't ask to give you back,
Only give and you'll receive twice back.
V Jun 2019
Some days,
I do nothing but remember to breathe;
And some days,
That is enough.
Trying to hold on.
V Feb 2019
Only then did I realize I was starving for something food could no longer satisfy.
Lately I have been battling Bulimia and this was just a random awareness I thought admist a declining health.
Vampire girl Jan 2019
Everytime she held a knife , it's more real than anything else
Everytime she wrote unsent secret letters,it's more real than anything
Everytime she got high over her thoughts,it's more real than anything
Everytime her eyes turn red without drugs,it's more real than anything
Everytime she puts up her smile and laugh a lot over smallest of things just because she don't wanna show up her fears and demons that are haunting, scaring, threatening her to death,it's the real struggle
Depression can be deadly
Except for the person who's facing it no one else can really know what they're going through
Don't call it depression
Don't call it anxiety
Call it a WAR
where the only option is to rule over it
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