lizzie Dec 2017

to be defined by an assault
no person should ever endure.
it is more than just physical violation,
rape is an assault on your whole being.
scars go deep & you don’t understand how to heal from it.

saying no didn’t seem to have an effect.
the word lost its definition, it is one syllable, a filler word.
so now you feel like you no longer have a valuable voice.
one worth listening to.

you change, that person you were is gone
your body is just a shell of who you use to be.
you aren’t living but simply alive.

My Name Is Pexi Aug 2017

A child weaned on poison considers harm a comfort.

To help raise awarness toward something I personally went through enough to cause me to develop and struggle in such horrible and confusing ways.
CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) is one of many worldwide issues that I am sick of hearing and seeing happen and hope more people can do more to help and hopefully change the world for those who struggle with fear, pain, depression, PTSD, anger and having been silenced and powerless when they should have had their wings and voices to fly.

This is for those who understand this and have survived what no child ever should have to remember.
Lilly MacArthur Jan 2017

It's not something you asked for
Its not something you can throw away

It's not there to draw attention
It's not there to be ignored

It's not a stamp on the forhead
It's not something you can control

It's not there for you to judge
It's not easy to manage

It's hard to handle
It's depression

Mirela Totić Aug 2016

I had a dream last night
Vision of my life
In a state of deep connection
Yesterday,today,tomorrow as one.

I had a dream last night
A bright pure light
Guiding my way
Spreading the warmness of love.

I had a dream last night
Vision of my life
Distorted faces getting pure
With a slit of light touch.

In my dream last night
I was Discovering lucidity
Connected with my inner self
With the goddess of existence
And the pure source of love.

M.T. 2016.

RW Dennen Oct 2014

i am a small and insignificant person i listen to the negative
"cannot do"unless I become aware of my true abilities
I become empowered and not listen to the i people
you and I can change  The you i person has the great ability
to change into the you I person also We can be great partners
being you I and me I otherwise there remains total confusion
such as:
you i and  me I
you I and me i
You i and me i
And if we do this right we get..............:) instead of...................:(
I or i
thank you I or you i ,which one do you choose?

Sillage Jul 2014

Is it poetry?
Or the result of our hidden resentments?

— The End —