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Liz Jan 2020
He was the aura of autumn
With a beard of falling leaves
He was guarded from the cold
With his long orange sleeves

He was the aura of autumn
With a brisk walk into battle
He was alone in the cafe
I heard the doorbell rattle

He was the aura of autumn
With a hand on his case,
Coffee in the other
And fogged glasses on his face.
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 7/20/2018

And the sun seems to disappear in the west
in beeches crowns, it sinks in green
and the night like a king sits upon the throne
and it shimmers in moonlight.

And nothing has changed - ages are passing:
the moon has not grown, the sun has not diminished,
hunter and hare do not count the stumbles,
no beginning will ever meet the end.

The crows are cawing though I do not know what
- allegedly they carry foretaste of winter
and it so happens that my eyes water,
because time turns winter's birthday

into the autumn's funeral. The last travelers
will sit for a moment as before the journey
the strangers sat with the household members
like a daisy with the most beautiful rose.

And so is the Earth that there is enough space for everyone,
enough water and air, fire and ash:
for the rich, the beggars, for those experienced by fate
- without favoring - it will host everyone.

Wieslaw Musialowski 6/14/2008
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). The original is rhymed. Regards.
Autumn leaves blowing in the breeze,
Cool wind against my skin,
The seasons are changing as fast as I am,
So what does that mean for us?
Our summer romance is over,
Dry your tears before September turns them to dust,

Bundle up, wrap your arms in cotton,
Guard your heart against the winter chill that’s coming,
Build a fire to thaw your frigid limbs,
I can hear your bones crackling in the flames,

When spring arrives I hope some of our love survives,
These changing seasons,
as they flutter by,
Our skin once fresh and smooth,
Turned stiff and cracked like uncured   leather,

Where did the time go I wonder?
Our youth swallowed by time,
Taken in flashes of quickly aging months,
How many summers passed us by while our heads were in the clouds?

How long before we join the pebbles beneath our feet?
Will we get a chance to see one last season of bare trees,
A sea of red and orange littered upon the ground,
We are changing faster than the seasons.
Youth is fleeting, enjoy it.
CJ Turk Jul 2017
Clouds, a breeze of change
Breaking of the old age
Tranquility comes in tides and waves
Changing leaves on crisp cold days
Melting down to the frosty ground

Mist shourded mornings
With bleary commuters yawning
As the fresh days dawning
At lofty heights the early birds soaring
The misty valley like a coast
A great while ghost
Wrote on a train one frosty autumnal morning
Torias Jun 2017
My seasonal crushes
Are like the changing days,
Here to make my heart beat
While they come out to play.
My seasonal rushes
Always fade away,
I'll remember them
Even if they aren't here to stay.

I loved winter for so long
For his pure glow.
Looked like a blanket
But he was cold snow.
So much time thinking I belonged,
Still it never felt right
To keep something
As only a glittery sight.

Then came summer.
Felt good to melt my cold bones.
And what a stark difference
That I didn't feel so alone.
He was fiery *******.
Gave me a sunburn to call a tan,
Got a heatstroke and realized
I needed a fan.

Autumn is beautiful leaves,
Like the ones he rolls and smokes.
Mellow and no extreme,
Easy personality to take and soak.
Autumn is beautiful but leaves,
Never sure where to expect him,
All I could know was that
I'd see him every now and then.

Spring, you are so sweet.
I never minded April showers
When you are so warm and clean,
So I could talk to you for hours.
You're really hard to beat.
You are a possibility.
My here and now,
A different probability.
It's crazy how much changes with time. Years give different destinations. Months are mile markers. Days set your sail. And seconds can have you stopped to smell the roses, or they can knock you miles away.
Saint Audrey May 2017
It never dies but never stays the same
And I must admit I like to watch it change
Cause the world is empty and I am as well
Skipping down to the sound of a funeral bell
But I still love and I'm still alive
Give it time; I'm sure I'll turn out fine
Lonely only in my mind

Something I can't grasp but
Makes me feel so self-aware
A little bit of sorrow
To compliment an empty stare
That never lies
But truth be told, I've paid my fines
And I've never felt better
Than I do when I

Let it all unwind
Ease the burden of my crimes
And hesitate or meditate on what I'll leave behind
Thinking of the end never made it get here any faster
And if I've got to be thinking all the time

Yeah, maybe
Free will is a little bold
Everyone is bought and sold
The sale is final and denial
Never helped out anyway
Maybe living for a dollar is as bad as they say
But make no mistake
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Summer Michelle Feb 2016
We blossomed from the death of leaves
And flourished before the snow froze our hands

...Autumn, Winter

Rebirth of the world thawed us
Before the ripples in the water could settle


With every sun rise and sun set
From the heat to the return of that chill
When our hands found each other again

But I fear

That like my name I'm just a season
My time will come to pass
And you'll find someone, and it'll last

ciannie Nov 2015
it's the leaves that smell, sat there
like soggy cornflakes on the pavement.

we kick them up, they stick and stink
and loudly we love the scent, love the magic.

the air is drizzly and the sky is flat like the
soda we have in your rucksack, waiting.

no one else is around, and though the sky is pregnant
the clouds haven't given birth

so we keep the umbrella down, and maybe if we are lucky
we can be like Mary Poppins and fly away together

but no, the wind is lazy today, and our feet ache
but we twist, you scoop me up

my shoes muddy your jacket, you catch my hair in your zip
we fall to the damp ground

and as our breath meets before the kiss, the sky decides to open up
and we become drenched.

but it's okay, because that kiss warms away all the ice
and we sit with the cereal leaves, together, and the smell is nice.
another soft one
raine cooper Jul 2015
i dreamt you came for me
we turned our backs on this madness, got lost in the forest & fell together like autumn leaves
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