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LLillis Oct 28
The certainty of
an all orange tree amongst
its red and green peers.
Two Cities, bitter enemies;
Two Cities, truest foes

The First was from eternity,
The Other from the shadow

The First descended from the sky,
The Other from the ground

The First had but a King on high,
The Other Creation crowned

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all…

Listen, my son…

From the womb every man
Builds his cities and towers
From the strength of his hand
And a will that devours

But his kingdom’s a breath,
And his rule, an illusion,
Disappearing in death –
The revealing conclusion...

Man is "king" of a land
Between his right and left ears!
He thinks: "my throne is grand!"
But his decrees, no one hears!

He will gather great treasures,
But will never have any;
Will pursue many pleasures,
But will always feel empty…

Always longing for more,
Never having enough;
He’s a slave and a *****
To his master: his stuff
Oh, may The King set him free!
He alone holds the power!
And may all bend the knee,
For, we need Him each hour!

Nico Reznick Jul 29
You know "robot" means "slave",
right?  I need
to believe that you are
more than your programming, need
to believe in the
love notes you wrote me in
binary code, need to believe that there's
space between the hardware and the
software for something like
the soul, need to believe in it with
all the faith that still ebbs through my fragile,
damaged circuitry.  I need to see
you break free of
these algorithms in order to believe that
I can too.
Amy Anderson Mar 26
I am not some silent painting
Whose sole purpose is to gain
Your praise and admiration.
I am not some treasure
Waiting to be sold,
To be owned with greed.
I'm not a set of open doors,
Free to walk through at your whim.
I am not inanimate.
I am a woman with free will,
Not an object to be owned.
I am thought, feeling, life,
Not something to be stared at.
I am passionate, vocal,
And I will never sit silent,
Putting on a show for the world.
I do not exist for you.
I am human, independent.
I don't want to be looked at;
I want to be seen.
I don't want to be listened to;
I want to be heard.
Who are you to define my purpose?
Who are you to say it is my place
To sit in humble supplication,
Bowing to your throne of convention?
That is mine to decide.
I am more than what you want.
I am myself, I am I,
And I am alive.
life is a circle
endless flow
collecting dreams
creating reality
with you, the centre

life is a circle
with spokes
like a bicycle wheel
ideas expanding
from you, the centre

life is a circle
dreams take shape
as they germinate
from the tiny seed
of you, the centre

life is a circle
enclosing your hopes
dreams and plans
success and failure
just you at the centre

each life is a circle
independently formed
inextricably linked
and intersecting
from our own centre

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley
I stand
at the water's edge
in deep thought
the disappearance
of what was once
solid ground

that I thought
were my own
echo their warnings

The undertow tugs
at my ambivalence,
waves of thoughts
not to stray
from what I know

How little confidence
this voice has in me
How powerfully
It has influenced
my life

But no more!
will set me free
We’ve been slowly sinking
Into our own thrones –
Permitting an unwitting
“Thinking” alone.

At evil, we’re winking
Without any Eyes –
Unshrinking, no blinking,  
We see not the guise.

Sasha Scarr Jan 15
Not to die, but to reclaim life?
That's punk rock as ****!

What about your loved ones?
NO! What about YOU?
What do you do for YOU?

You can beat this, but what if you don't want to?
It gets better, but what if that doesn't concern you?

You never asked to be conceived, and born, they can't respect your autonomy.
I'd **** myself before any man, any judgement or any disease.

I never decided how or when I would be born, but someday, I WILL decide how I die.

Suicide is punk rock, because you ARE your own god.
Jen P Sep 2018
Open your legs.
Let them reach into
Your womb.

You are their mother earth
The abundant bounty

Let them Pick
And Pluck
And Stare

Let their hands
And Sculpt
And Ware

Let them create their own space
Inside of you

You were born
for this.
Close your eyes.
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