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Beverly D Bryant Sep 2010
AUTUM days are here again.
Time for tress to go bare .
They will change from green,to red,
to orange to yellows,until they have all
fallen to the ground.
There they will be raked up in
to piles,thrown across the yard
thrown up in the air ,by a child.
Ran over by the mower or ran over by a dog
just trying to hide a bone.
But autum is another time ,when the cooler
weather comes in and kitchens begin to smell
good once again,.
Time to break out sweaters or just another blanket.
And even time will change once again.
YESautum is here ,so tell me what
does it mean to you ?
I hear autum leaves under my feat crunching
I see the leaves falling off and no more leaves are left on the trees
I feal the cool breaze on my face

I love god's creations of Human beaings, Holiadays, Spring, Summer, Fall, winter, and finally animals
This if so fun to do i just started this so im new so thanks for reading
Cassiel Moore May 2012
Shall I compare thee to a midsummer’s day?
No I shall not
For thou is nothing like it
Thou’st temperance is nothing short of fair
A summer’s day is hot and vicious
But thou’st soul is of utmost gentility
A sweet cool temperance is thous heart
Thou is more like an autumn afternoon
With eyes the color of the clear blue sky
And temper of the soft cooling breeze
Thous beauty’s only competitor is the changing leaves
Unique and changing
Vibrant reds, greens and yellows that each tree holds
The warmth of the sun is thous love
A love that only I receive
That warms my own soul to the heat of the burning hearth
Where we lay in passion and love
For if I were to compare thou to a midsummers day
It would be an insult
Thou is more beautiful
Far more fair
Thou is like an autumn afternoon
With eyes like the sky in the clear afternoon
It is Hell for you.
I'm told to stay.
You have lips near my neck.
A season so known for rest.
Feeling free without appetite.
A human man without a brother.
Without a womb to cradle.
I'm unloved by your father.
I'm alive.
It is a slow descent.
Rest easy knowing your noose is pulling me down.
CJ Turk  Jul 2017
CJ Turk Jul 2017
Clouds, a breeze of change
Breaking of the old age
Tranquility comes in tides and waves
Changing leaves on crisp cold days
Melting down to the frosty ground

Mist shourded mornings
With bleary commuters yawning
As the fresh days dawning
At lofty heights the early birds soaring
The misty valley like a coast
A great while ghost
Wrote on a train one frosty autumnal morning
AW  Nov 2015
Autum's lists
AW Nov 2015
Winds march over boulevards
As winding as his wanderings
Leafs leave branches barren
To make the grey skies seen
Clouds cry bitter raindrops
Soaking sour solitude
The puddles promise solace
To drown in to his waist
Torso left to nature’s whims
And storms to wear him out
Car alarms laugh in his face
Howling mockeries his way
Loudly, thunders call him
To give in to the fogs and mist
Life was never as redundant
As in autumn’s heady lists
Arlo Disarray Dec 2015
two consecutive mornings did my eyes get to witness the skies as the moon and sun switched spots, and the light began to rise

i haven't consumed one drip or drop or ounce of sleep
but somehow, i feel more aware than i do, ordinarily
i'm sure there is a misplaced trust from myself to me
but i have to take every opportunity and every second to live
and to feel

i have been sitting outside since three in the morning, and every second has been beautiful
i can't think of a better place in this world for me
than out in the open air and oxygen
or living way up high, inside a tree

i have suffocated indoors for way too long
my lungs can't handle this stale air

the leaves, this time of year, remind me of fire
which reminds me of oxygen
and that reminds me of trees

funny how everything links back together, that way
RV  Sep 2015
My Dear Autum
RV Sep 2015
Why are you red
And yellow
But still so cold?
Annie  Jan 2019
Annie Jan 2019
days are getting longer
colors, warm and bright
as flowers bloom,
I wonder
Is it spring outside

sweat and tastes of icecream
sunlight in my back
burning nights and feverish dreams
it's summer in my flat

rain and whirling, falling leafes
tea and halloween
wandering birds and deepest grieve
it's autum so it seems

damping breath and snow
scarfs and woolen coats
powdered, white wonderworld
and winter's shadows grow
lost  Jun 2019
lost Jun 2019
hurting everyone around me
while i hurt myself

t o x i c

everyone is being punished
for my stupidity
my scaredness
my lack of control
my complaints

it's all me

but i'll fix it,
ill re-gain control


you wont be hurting because of me

youll be smiling as i watch in the distance,
overtaken by the shadows

my blood falling to the ground like leaves on an autum day

i had to leave
i couldnt stay

all i can do is try take other peoples pain away and make it mine

you all deserve better
That perfect moment when your between steps
When you dare to look at the sky
And watch the marshmallows floating by

That perfect moment when time stands still
As you watch the birds on the window sill

That perfect moment when you meet for the first time
And you can't catch a gulp of air
As you wonder how someone so perfect is there

That perfect moment when you walk under the autum tree
The falling leaves a perfect sight
Like colorful birds taking flight

That perfect moment when that first snowflake falls
Gently coating your chilly head
And you forget the winter dread

That perfect moment when you watch the children play
And you remember when you were young
And all the crazy things you did for fun

That perfect moment when you roll down a hill
As your head hits the soft plush grass
You realize how small the world may be
And your a tiny speck of happy impossible to see

Then all these fleeting moments are gone
Forgotten verses in life's unending song
Please like if you've ever felt a tiny moment like this for just a second ( or if you like my poem) and please repost, not enough people appreciate the small things in life
lost  Jun 2019
lost Jun 2019
i feel
wasting away like petals on an autum day
wasting away into the cold shadows in a peaceful bliss
letting it envelop me in its numbing embrace
the darkness of my mind, slipping out
caressing me
telling me to stop trying
to just
tryi n g

— The End —