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Liz Jan 2022
I want to feel known. I want to bring someone home and tell them about how my brother and I used to live in elaborate mansions in the trees.

I want to drive them around my home town and tell them of all the places I got heartbroken and all the places I ran to hide and all the places I smiled at the sun believing I could never go blind.

I want to tell them of all the friends I've had and how I miss some and am scared of others, to tell them of how theyve grown while helping me grow too.

I want to show them the home I grew up in and how I thought it was the best place in the world, surviving tornados, fires, and sadness but we lost it to the lawless.

I want to show them my birthmarks and all the constellations and myths my grandmother wrote about the stars on my skin.

I want someone to know every curve of the letters in my name. To be able to hear me in my quiet, see me in my dark, hold me in my cold, and love me in my despair.
Liz Mar 2021
When I look at you I see the sky
I see all the colors that make up infinity
All those together result in the color of your eyes.

When I look at you I feel I can fly
Your eyes in their lightness hold freedom in the clouds
And in their darkness I see pain in the storms

Your eyes hold the innocence and freedom of a child
That sense of wonder that you fought to keep alive
I'm so thankful you kept it alive

When I look at you I see my favorite color, I see the sky and it's various shades of lovely from sunrise to sunset.

When I look at you I see the comfort and peace found in your shade of blue.

When I look at you I think I'm in love
Liz Jan 2021
I thought my roommate and I were exactly alike
Until she said she hated The Great Gatsby

I thought my childhood friend and I were similar
Until he said he dosnt care about the lyrics, just as long as the song sounds cool

I thought my best friend and I were essentially the same person
Until I noticed how little she pays attention to detail

There's pieces of each of us in each other
But there is only one you and there is only one me
I was looking for myself in other people, trying to express myself by mimicking them
But that's not me. That's them.
I am me

But the thing is
Who am I?
Liz Oct 2020
Everyone I talk to always does all the talking
I listen
I never answer questions because they never ask me any
It would seem selfish to suddenly change the topic to my self
But how else will they know who I am?
How will they learn to listen?
Is it my job to do all the listening
I'm told I'm good at it
But maybe it's just that they're good at talking
Liz Oct 2020
It's ok to not be sunshine
It's ok to cry at night
Because other people cry too
And for them, the sun is too bright
Sometimes people don't need happiness and sunshine, sometimes that's too much for them. Sometimes they just need someone to cry with them to let them know they aren't the only ones who cry
Liz Oct 2020
He laughs with the darkness
Takes joy is others' screams
His mistress is the night
He is not what he seems

Don't believe his ominous smile
Don't give in to his twisted love
Don't follow him into the depths
Don't mistake him for a dove

His mind is painted black
His eyes are tinted red
His tongue is like a serpent's
Injecting poison into your head

He devoured me
He blinded me
Showed me what love is not
His venomous blood infected me
Leaving me to rot
Don't believe everyone you meet
Liz Sep 2020
When the sun takes his first breath each morning
And he is greeted with your gentle smile
It gives him joy to illuminate the day

When you rise above the horizon each morning
And are greeted by the sun's radiance
He gives you strength to live another day

When the moon conquors the world each night
And gives you comfort to sleep in peace
He prays for your reign when the morning comes
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