raine cooper Nov 2016

some churches have bones,
and a graveyard for all the prayers
god didn't answer

  Jul 2016 raine cooper

You're still there,
At the end of my fingertips,
Your taste is still there teasing my tongue,
Your sweet face,
Haunts all my dreams,
Your beautiful heart still has its strings,
Wrapped around mine,
Tell me how to let you go,
When everything about you,
Is still living in my chest,
Crawling through the tunnels of my mind,
And leaving soft but painful bruises, on my soul

Some women leave a mark on you that you can never erase, Her scent, her smile, her tears when she cries. I am scarred in the most beautiful Way. Move on they say. I say, I won't give up without a fight.
raine cooper Jul 2016

you'll find her writing poems on cemetery flowers, and reading them to ghosts who aren't ready for goodbye

raine cooper Apr 2016

we are old buildings
covered in the scent
of abandonment
but once we were loved
and someone cared enough
not to let the dust settle

raine cooper Mar 2016

the sun doesn't shine in your world, and i wonder why. perhaps it's because you choose to write all your poems in the clouds.

raine cooper Mar 2016

i want to be the reason there is light inside your eyes again. the reason you worship the sunrise, instead of clinging red knuckled to the end of each dying day.

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