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Torias Dec 2017
I truly am sorry
If you didn’t know.
I never text,
But if I could let you know one thing,
It’s that you do cross my mind
Every now and again.
You met me as the shell of the person I used to be,
You filled my heart,
And I am forever grateful.
I couldn’t be what you were looking for,
But I do hope you find the life and the woman meant for you.
I hope you have happiness.
And even if we simply went different directions in this world,
I wish you well.

Love always,
The girl who wasn’t the One for you, but some day you will be so grateful that she wasn’t.
10/20/17~ I had to learn how to say goodbye
  Oct 2017 Torias
Britni Ann
I love fall
It is the perfect representation
of learning
how to finally
let go.
Its easier to believe you can let go when the leaves on the trees show you how.
Torias Oct 2017
I pull clothes from the back of my dresser, and it hurts just a little because they smell like senior year, you, and the way we used to feel.
  Oct 2017 Torias
I can still remember the night you told me to looked up the sky,
You point out the brightest stars and show me how an image can form every time you slid your finger to fill the gaps they have,
It was blurry at first,
But you looked into my eyes and said 'Just Focus and wait',

So that's what I did,
The image became clear,
Just like how our relationship to me,
I finally connect the actions you've done,

How your hands felt cold everytime it helds mine,
How your lips tremble everytime you kiss me goodnight,
How your hugs became suffocating whenever you caged me in your ams,
And how your words became knives whenever you said 'I'm still the one',

Your promises was dead a million years ago,
Same as how the stars fades everytime the morning came,
So when you told me to looked up the sky one last time,
I saw our constellation,

It was the brightest of them all,
But the shine it's giving is too blinding for my eyes,
And that was the last image I've ever seen,
For I name it 'Broken Stars' just like how we end the love story we had.
  Oct 2017 Torias
Sometimes I feel so old
Like I have been here forever
Seeing same things happening over and over


Sometimes I feel like I am so young
Like I have all the time to figure out what's what
Discovering new things everyday


Sometimes, I feel exactly 28yrs old and I know that i know not enough to decide but it is still necessary to comment and have half boiled opinion.
  Oct 2017 Torias
This is the last thing I write with you in mind
You thought I've been writing for you
I don't write for those who need my time
Only when it best suits them to.

This will remain short and sweet, I've no energy to rant
This will remain a reminder not to continually reach out a hand
This will remain a stamp of me feeling closer than ever to done
This will remain exactly what it is, a poem for you: the last one.
  Oct 2017 Torias
I listen to the worst music, and you know
I wanna capture you inside the songs I throw
Spitwads at the back of your head
Insisting on the dark of the dead
I'm pining to make it back to your embrace
I wanna slap the smile off your stupid face
Come on, chase me, you're it and I'm in for the long haul
You're it and I'm gonna crash or I'm gonna fall
I'm at your mercy but the mercy is mine
Laying the trail for you is **** divine
We're far, we're close, we're the hit before the overdose
We're drawing you in, again, now we're comatose
All or nothing, we're black or white or somewhere in between
We're Pleasantville, we're Brand New, we're Technicolor, Sheen
You make me dance, you make me dive
You make me feel so ******* alive
In the way a deer feels running from a bear
I live for the chase and I don't care
If I get my way, we'll be young forever
I always get my way, so never say never,
We'll fly three stars to the right and on til morning
and if you choose me, life will never be boring
Let go of your fears and let's sail
We've got eternity on this trail
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